Hallmark and the Meiland family have decided to end their collaboration, a spokesperson for the ticket seller told NU.nl.

Earlier it became clear that maps based on well-known statements by the Meiland family had been removed from the Hallmark site.

This happened because of statements Erica Renkema made about Islam in her biography



In it she expresses herself critically about the wearing of headscarves and burqas.

For example, she says: "Damn it, with your burqa. I once saw three of those penguins walking in Noordwijk, that's not normal, is it?"

"We have decided in good consultation to definitively end our cooperation," said the spokesperson.

"The cards are not coming back, at least not with us."

The spokesman says that Renkema's statements are not in line with Hallmark's core values.

"We want to connect people and strengthen relationships, so in this case it was best to stay close to ourselves. It's a shame, for both parties."