For the second time in a week, actor and producer Alec Baldwin has been charged over the fatal shooting incident on the


film set that killed camerawoman Halyna Hutchins.

Script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, who called 911 after the accident, called Baldwin's behavior "reckless" and said she was traumatized.

Mitchell, like lighting technician Serge Svetnoy, who sued the actor last week, argues that Baldwin should never have fired the revolver according to the script.

"He deliberately fired the loaded gun for no valid reason or excuse, even though the upcoming scene didn't ask for it," Mitchell writes in her indictment published by



According to her, the cause of the shooting incident is "not simple negligence", but Baldwin is said to have played "Russian roulette" according to Mitchell.

The script supervisor, who has to ensure continuity on the film set and acts as the director's right-hand man, was said to be more than 3 feet from Baldwin when he fired the gun.

She says she suffered "severe trauma and extreme mental and physical pain" as a result.

In addition to Baldwin, the film's other producers, gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and recording director Dave Halls, are also being charged.

A week ago, Baldwin was also sued by another collaborator of the film, Serge Svetnoy.

As a technician responsible for the lighting, he argued in his indictment that Baldwin "had been negligent".

The authorities of Santa Fe, where the accident took place, are still investigating the incident.

No one has been criminally charged yet.

The authorities have indicated that several bullets have been found on the film set.

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