Sinterklaas film

The Club of Sinterklaas and the forgotten Pietje

has achieved the status of Golden Film.

It is the tenth time that a film from the

De Club van Sinterklaas

series has reached this milestone.

In order to receive a Golden Film, one hundred thousand cinema tickets must have been sold.

The Golden Film Award was received by singer Frans Duijts, who can be seen in the film as a French baker.

Other roles in the film are for Wilbert Gieske, Luan Bellinga, Lucilla Bellinga and Job Bovelander.

The direction and screenplay of

De Club van Sinterklaas and the forgotten Pietje

are in the hands of Martijn Koevoets, just like in the earlier Club van Sinterklaas films.

In the film, young Pietje Fernando unintentionally threatens to endanger the Sinterklaas party if he misses the boat to the Netherlands with Sinterklaas' key with him.

Like the Platinum Film and Diamond Film, the Golden Film is awarded by the Netherlands Film Festival, the Netherlands Film Fund and the Abraham Tuschinski Fund if a Dutch film sells 100,000, 400,000 and 1,000,000 cinema tickets respectively.