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Not enough

Dave Roelvink can't get enough of his son Dean.

On Instagram he posts various photos of him and his girlfriend Jazzlyn, but especially of the baby born on Saturday.

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The most pregnant

Bibi Breijman has previously announced that she is again very bothered by morning sickness and the television personality was even hospitalized for that reason on Saturday.

"There you go again," writes her friend Waylon on Instagram.

"I asked you last week if you were jealous of the families in the program

A House Full

. Your answer was very clear: 'Yes, of course crazy!'

That answer combined with your current state is the most pregnant thing I've ever heard."

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Young and older

Francis van Broekhuizen shared a childhood photo of himself last week.

A creative follower made a portrait of it, showing the young and the older Francis.

"How special," responds the 46-year-old singer, who announced on Friday that she would release her memoirs.

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Taking a break

Katy Perry turned 37 five days ago and celebrated with a big party.

The singer had to recover and shares a series of photos taken on her birthday on Saturday.

"When your 37 hangovers last five to seven working days," the American writes on Instagram.

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Not dancing yet

Patricia Paay is still in hospital after a new operation on her hip.

"The past few days have shown that I have gone on too long with the pain I had," explains Paay.

"Worked too long because it was so busy. Only when I started to rest did the situation with this complication turn out to be worse than expected."

The television personality says he is "not dancing yet", but it is getting a little better every day.

"We're not there yet, but I hope I'll be back on my feet literally soon."

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Anouk is working on new music with her five-year-old daughter Jelizah Rose.


Anouk sings song with daughter Jelizah Rose (5)

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yesterday at 12:28

Just a little while and Dave Roelvink and his girlfriend Jazzlyn can welcome their first child.

The reality star shares on Instagram that the birth has started.

He also announces that his performance of tomorrow night will not take place.

"I think everyone understands that. I'll keep you posted, great guys."


Dave Roelvink says labor is about to start

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Bibi Breijman, just like during her previous pregnancy, suffers a lot from nausea.

Daughter Teddy takes good care of her mother, says the television personality.

"With every vomiting session she holds my hair, gives me kisses and I am overloaded with all her toys: 'So that you get well again, mama.'"

Friend Waylon is also a great support.

"There's a man (who deserves a cape) flying around here all day long, to serve me every second at my beck and call."

yesterday at 07:51

Not her wedding

Mariah Carey posts an old photo of herself in bridal attire on Instagram, but hastens to say that this wasn't one of her two weddings.

"This was Halloween."

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On a private island

After years of being banned under the strict rules of the curatorship, Britney Spears is happy that she can now decide whether to leave for a while.

The singer has just landed on an uninhabited island and thinks it is beautiful, but actually too warm.

Thursday at 18:32

Sheep on dry land

Jan de Hoop finally has the sheep on dry land, he says on Instagram.

The newscaster poses with a shepherd and his flock of sheep.

Thursday at 14:18


another face

AJ McLean as the Backstreet Boy with the beard.

For the first time in more than twenty years, the singer shows what he looks like with a 'clean' face.

"Just had to. Don't worry, it'll be back in a month."

Thursday at 14:18

Thursday at 11:26

On the front page

Koen Kardashian was




photographer Edwin Smulders and he has no problem with that at all.

"As long as my face is on the front page, I don't care what they write about me on page 17," said the reality star and presenter, who shared the photos herself on Instagram.

Thursday at 06:35

Looking back on a beautiful series of

Roxeanne Hazes is happy: recently the singer has finally been able to stand on stage again and she has enjoyed that.

The very last performance was in Eindhoven and Hazes enjoys it for a while.

Thursday at 04:38

The fall collection

Kylie Jenner likes to share her adventures with her followers and today she gives a glimpse into her wardrobe.

She shares a photo of her bag and shoe collection on Instagram.

And for those who don't mind: this is just the autumn collection.

Wednesday at 18:24

For fifteen years

Samantha Steenwijk has been together with her friend for fifteen years on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old singer shares a photo taken around that time on the occasion of this festive day.

"Many ups and downs, but still together. I love you, dear", Steenwijk writes.

Wednesday at 14:25

Enjoying a holiday

Freek Vonk is celebrating a tropical holiday with his new girlfriend Franka Vedder.

"Jut and Jul are still going strong", Vonk writes with a photo that also shows that they have a sea cucumber.

Exactly where they are is not shared by the television biologist.

Wednesday at 11:23

Piece of family history

One of the oldest known photo portraits of a Dutchman in the United States has been added to the collection of the Rijksmuseum.

The man in question is Walter van Erven Dorens (1830-1860) and is an ancestor of Beau van Erven Dorens.

The latter was allowed to unveil the work.

"The self-confidence with which Walter poses is very nice to see," says the presenter.

"He was only in his early twenties when this photo was taken, but his self-confidence is bursting. That adventurous is characteristic of our family."

Wednesday at 11:23

Wednesday at 07:02

Who would have thought that?

Anouk likes to make music, but she has always been clear about performing: she doesn't really like it that much.

Yet the singer writes on Instagram that she now really wants to go on stage again.

Wednesday at 04:34

Back on the plane

Gordon has moved to Dubai, but still mainly works in the Netherlands and Belgium, so the singer regularly flies back and forth.

It is not known whether he compensates for the CO2 emissions.

Tuesday at 18:33

A name for the baby On

Monday, DJ Ryan Marciano's third child was born.

Today he announced the name of his second daughter on Instagram.

"Izae is here!!!", he writes next to a photo of the girl.

Tuesday at 18:17

Stop growing!

Teddy, the daughter of singer Waylon and YouTuber Bibi Breijman, is growing way too fast, according to Breijman.

On her Instagram Stories she shows how the three-year-old girl wants to learn to write.

"Please stop growing," the influencer writes with the video.

On Monday she announced that she was pregnant with her second child with the singer.

Tuesday at 17:18

Orlando congratulates Katy

Actor Orlando Bloom congratulates wife Katy Perry on Instagram on her 37th birthday.

"We live and love and I love that. I celebrate you today and every other day. I love you," Bloom writes next to a photo of Perry blowing out her birthday candles.

Tuesday at 16:12

Nice jumping

Yolanthe Cabau released the child in herself on Tuesday and went trampolining with her six-year-old son.

On Instagram, the actress shares a few photos showing how Xess Xava does full-fledged flips and his mother keeps it with a few careful jumps.

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Tuesday at 13:16

Big aim 

It seems like cake and egg again between Lil Kleine and Jaimie Vaes.

After a big fight in Ibiza, followed by a long media silence, the couple seems to be enjoying each other again.

Vaes posts a video on Instagram showing how the rapper grabs her during a night out.

Tuesday at 10:19

There it is again

André Hazes has not used his own Instagram account lately, except to like a post by Monique Westenberg.

But on Tuesday, the 27-year-old singer will make an appearance on the Instagram Stories of his ex-fiancé.

"He was spoiled," Westenberg writes with a photo of her ex and their son, who received a go-kart for his fifth birthday.

Tuesday at 07:13

Out and about by bike

Maxime Meiland is out early with her daughter Claire.

She shares a video on Instagram showing her daughter cycling ahead of her.

Tuesday at 04:27


Dennis Weening shares sad news on Instagram: kitty Kitty has been run over and is no longer alive.

"After we were so worried a few months ago because we couldn't find her, she was killed tonight by some bastard in a car that didn't even bother to stop. When I saw her lying on the street Only then did I realize how much I love her. And not just me, because especially the girls and Stella are inconsolable."

Monday at 18:19

In hospital

Patricia Paay was


last weekend due to a complication in her hip.

The television personality previously got a new hip, but was still suffering from pain.

"The doctors took immediate action and I have already had surgery," Paay writes.

"Fortunately, I'm doing well now. My husband comes by every day. I still have to rehabilitate, but I'm being well looked after and hope I can go home soon."

Monday at 16:19


Tony Junior is already covered in tattoos and will add a special one on Monday: one that he puts on himself.

The brave move can be seen in a video he shares.


Tony Junior puts a tattoo on his own hand

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Monday at 12:17

Eating waffles

Dua Lipa lives in England, but also calls another country her homeland: the Netherlands.

Her sister Lyra Duraku lives in Amsterdam and is occasionally delighted with a visit from Dua Lipa.

On Instagram, Dua Lipa shows where she can be found when she is staying in the capital.

Monday at 11:29

Portion of snails

Renate and Winston Gerschtanowitz are in Paris with their family.

When the presenter was on the phone for a while, the presenter decided to order a typical French dish.

"Now I quickly find everything with herb butter a success, but our son looked at us as if we

had to do

a test in

Expedition Robinson

," writes Renate Gerschtanowitz on Instagram.

Monday at 06:10

There is one birthday

André Hazes Jr. is five years old and that should be celebrated.

The son of André Hazes and Monique Westenberg will in any case receive festive animal garlands and can eat from plates with the face of his hero Freek Vonk this morning.

Monday at 04:41

Add a dog

Hélène Hendricks has a moment with the new dog in her life: Bobbie.

A few weeks ago she shared the first photo of the animal and now you can see how much it has grown.

Monday at 04:40

A man who can do everything

Besides acting, Orlando Bloom also proves to be very handy at home.

On Instagram, he shares photos of his work in his daughter Daisy's bedroom.

Monday at 04:38

It's possible again

Dionne Stax enjoys, like many other Dutch people, that a party is possible again.

The presenter shares a selfie with her friends.

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