Singing duo Suzan & Freek will perform on April 23, 2022 in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.

The couple says on Instagram that this is a dream come true.

The artists, known for hits such as



Als Het Avond Is


Blauwe Dag

, will give their biggest concert to date in the Ziggo Dome.

"I never thought it possible that we would be allowed to play there," Freek told



The Ziggo Dome is a lot bigger than the halls where they have played until now.

Although the tickets for the club tour, which starts on November 9, are sold out almost everywhere, the couple is still nervous about whether all tickets will be sold.

"Announcing it is already a dream. Now we still have to hope that people will come", Suzan laughs.

Ticket sales for the concert start next Saturday.

On Friday 29 October Suzan & Freek's second album,

Dromen In Kleur, will also be released