"Corona was a toddler-sized crisis compared to what awaits us due to climate change," caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte seems to say in a new video.

But the Rutte in the video is not real.

It concerns a so-called deepfake by

De Correspondent,

which aims to draw attention to the climate crisis.

In the video it looks like outgoing Prime Minister Rutte is giving a speech, but the images and his voice have been edited.

The Correspondent

makes that immediately clear and does not want to fool viewers.

The journalistic platform does say that De Rutte tells "the honest story about climate change" in the video.

For example, the fake Rutte says that the sea level will have risen by 5 meters worldwide in 2150 and that he has not paid sufficient attention to the climate problem in all his cabinets.

In a detailed account,

De Correspondent

not only explains why this deepfake video was made, but also who contributed to it and how the video was created.

In addition, the platform says that the project was overseen by a lawyer.

"By letting KlimaatRutte tell the honest story about climate change, we want to show what climate leadership can look like. We ask everyone who also believes that decisive climate leadership is necessary to share the video of KlimaatRutte with as many people as possible. real Mark Rutte see that there is a lot of support for the honest story."

The Correspondent

is aware that making such videos is dangerous in times of fake news.

That is why the platform is said to have partnered with a deepfake maker who does not want to fool viewers.

"In addition, we have made sure that it is clear to everyone at all times that Mark Rutte's video is not real."