The police of Santa Fe in the American state of New Mexico announced on Wednesday afternoon that several real bullets were indeed found on the set of



The sheriff of the city shared during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon (Dutch time) that this is being investigated and that therefore no arrests have been made yet.

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The police said that about six hundred pieces of evidence had been collected, including (fake) bullets, (fake) weapons and clothing.

The deadly bullet fired at camerawoman Halyna Hutchins is also under investigation.

That is the same bullet that ended up in the shoulder of director Joel Souza, who has since been allowed to leave the hospital.

The police report that there were several real bullets on the set and not just blanks or dummies.

All this evidence has since been handed over to the FBI, who will investigate the case "in depth" and look at how the bullets ended up on the set.

There were about 90 people on set at the time of the incident.

All these people are being interrogated.

"There are facts and rumours, and our job is to determine what is fact and what is rumor," said the sheriff, who suspects the accident was caused by "negligence."

The police also said that there are no CCTV images of the fatal shooting incident.

It is currently too early to say anything about a possible prosecution in the case.

This is only possible once the investigation has been completed.

Who was involved in the shooting incident on the set of Rust?

  • Alec Baldwin - lead actor and producer

  • Halyna Hutchins - camerawoman who died in the incident

  • Joel Souza - director who was injured but is now recovering at home

  • Dave Halls - director of the film, directs the set.

    He had already been fired in the past for a shooting incident on a film set

  • Hannah Gutierrez Reed - movie gunsmith who manages the (fake) weapons on the set.

    For example, she is responsible for making a weapon 'cold' and ensures that there are no bullets in it.

    She and Halls are said to have been the last to have had their hands on the weapon that was fired.

Investigation into blacksmith and recording manager

Last Friday it was announced that camerawoman Hutchins had been shot dead by actor Alec Baldwin on the set of the low-budget film



Baldwin was practicing shooting a pistol during a rehearsal.

That should have been a prop but was a real gun, the prosecutor said on Wednesday.

The actor had been told the gun was "cold," meaning no bullets in it.

Hutchins' father has also said he does not hold Baldwin responsible for her death.

Baldwin himself says he was not aware the weapon contained a real bullet and spoke of a "tragic incident".

Earlier this week, it appeared that the police investigation is currently focused on the film gunsmith and the recording director.

Those two would have been the last to have had their hands on the weapon with which the fatal shot was fired.