Moon Sisters, Lieke and Jette van Lexmond's company that sells gemstones, among other things, has sold two types of fake stones.

This was discovered by the editors of the

Keuringsdienst van Waarde programme


The Van Lexmond sisters have since reimbursed the affected customers.

Lieke van Lexmond tells in

RTL Boulevard

that the editors of the consumer program contacted her about a month ago.

In the episode, which can be seen on Thursday evening, they examined the authenticity of the gemstones that are sold in the webshop of the Van Lexmond sisters.

This investigation showed that the stones citrine and white jade consist of other substances.

Citrine turned out to be made of heated amethyst, the white jade of glass.

Van Lexmond explains that they buy their stones from a "reputable supplier".

"We are not a gemstone expert ourselves, so we paid them neatly and offered them in the webshop."

The sisters were very shocked when they heard that the stones turned out to be fake and immediately removed them from the website.

"We contacted the supplier and we refunded all the people who bought the stones and sent an email with an explanation."

Contact was also made with a stone expert from the Naturalis Museum to check the authenticity of the other stones as well.

"It was pure bad luck, because nothing turned out to be wrong with the rest. We will take a sharper approach from now on."

Earlier fuss about collaboration with Rituals

It's not the first time Moon Sisters has faced uproar.

The company has partnered with cosmetics brand Rituals, which offers the sisters' Moon Calendar in their stores.

The sisters repeatedly claimed that the moon influenced things like the storming of the US Capitol on January 6.

They have also been critical and negative about corona vaccinations.

Rituals came under fire for this, but they said they would not end the collaboration and "fully align themselves with the government's vaccination policy".

They did remove an interview with the sisters from their website.

"That really touched me", Van Lexmond now says about this.

"A lot of things have been told that simply don't make sense."