For its fourteenth season,

Sterren op het Doek



Saturday evening.

During the first thirteen series, more than 250 portraits were made of the participating celebrities, two-thirds of which were auctioned.

In the thirteen seasons that have been made, a total of 94 celebrities have already been portrayed.

Those episodes have produced 282 portraits, because three paintings are made of every celebrity.

The person who is judged to be the most beautiful by the celebrities can take that person home.

The other two will be auctioned, with the proceeds going to charity.

That goal is chosen by the Dutch celebrity in question.

The highest amount paid so far for a work of art is for a portrait of Frank Boeijen.

15,500 euros was deposited for this.

His other portrait for 'only' 1,550 euros.

Eva Jinek holds the record for the highest amount that could be donated to charity.

Her two auctioned portraits together yielded 17,050 euros.

One was sold for 10,050 euros and the other for 7,000 euros.