An Amorphophallus decus-silvae, better known as 'penis plant', grown in Hortus botanicus Leiden, is about to start flowering, the botanical garden announced on Tuesday.

It is difficult to predict exactly when the plant will flower and give off a smell of rotting flesh, according to the hortus botanicus.

The penis plant in the Hortus botanicus in Leiden is on the point of flowering for the first time.

About six years ago, the plant was grown by a volunteer.

According to Hortus botanicus Leiden, this is only the third time that a plant of this species has bloomed in Europe.

The last time this happened in the Leiden Botanical Garden was in 1997.

The plant that is now about to bloom in the Leiden Hortus is closely related to the giant penis plant.

That plant can also be seen in the botanical garden.

Both plant species, together with the gigas variant of the plant species, occur in the wild in tropical rainforests in Indonesia.