The first prize during the Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala went to

De Zomer van Zoë


Thursday evening


The program received the Televizier-Ster Jeugd.

The television prizes will be handed out this year in the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam.

Make-Up Cup



(AVROTROS) were the other nominees for the prize.

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Nominees Televizier-Ster Best presenter

  • Nikkie de Jager

  • Marieke Elsinga

  • Helene Hendricks

Nominees Televizier-Ster Best presenter

  • André van Duin

  • Arjen Lubach

  • Fred van Leer

Television Star Nominees Best Actor/Actress

  • Angela Disc

  • Elise Schaap

  • Frank Lammers

Televizier-Ster Online Video Series Nominees

  • Giro di Tietema – Tour de Tietema

  • Hunting season – StukTV

  • Linda's Cancer Story –

Nominees Televizer Star talent

  • Monica Geuze

  • Raven of Thirst

  • Rob Kemps

These are the nominees in the Talent category

  • 1. Monica Geuze

  • 2. Raven of Thirst

  • 3. Rob Kemps

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