Blonde, young, Twente and both have a heart for farm life.

Just some similarities between Barry Schabbink (20) from Borne and Tess Westerhof (21) from (formerly) Denekamp.

And they have something in common: both are attractively printed in

De Boerenkalender


De Boerinnenkalender respectively


'This is an opportunity for me to tell our story.

The story of the farmers.'

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No fewer than four hundred men and women with a link with farming life signed up, 32 were chosen for a photo shoot and ultimately the holy grail: a place in

De Boerenkalender


De Boerinnenkalender


The models selected for the 2022 calendars, including the Bornenaar and former Denekampse, will be officially presented on Friday.

Barry Schabbink (Borne)

Barry Schabbink.

Barry Schabbink.

Photo: Agne Kuceviciute

It was his mother who said: 'The Farmer's Calendar, that's for you.'

Twenty-year-old Barry Schabbink from Borne signed up, but didn't tell anyone about it.

Not even his mother.

It had to be a surprise.

Until recently, the first sneak previews of the calendar appeared on Facebook, along with a snapshot of the muscular Bornenaar.

"Then it would become known and I told my environment."

cheese farmer

The reactions of family, friends and colleagues are purely positive and Barry himself, who has not yet found the right one, thinks the result is 'super cool'.

The calendar photo shows him with a bare torso and a lot of dirt on his body and pants, apparently the result of hard work.

But he never looks like that in everyday life.

He works at Boomkamp Kaasspecialist, a cheese farmer.

"I'm on the market. This has been my side job for five years."

Concerns about the future of farmers

However, the 'real' farm life is close to his heart, he says.

In fact, it's one of the reasons he signed up for

De Boerenkalender


"I have family who work in the agricultural sector. For example, Rian Jannink, a niece of my father, has a chicken farm. The sector is having a hard time. There are many protests and they are there for a reason. My opinion is sometimes wrong. Take the nitrogen problem. The solution is called a halving of the livestock. But if you implement such a measure, a farmer really can't get by. I can draw attention to this via De Boerenkalender."

Future as a model?

Will it benefit him himself?

"If I can roll into the modeling world thanks to this calendar, I'd like to see if that's something for me. But I want to finish my education first. I'm studying Commercial Economics at Saxion in Enschede. I think it would be cool to do something with marketing in the food industry."

Tess Westerhof (former Denekampse)

Tess Westerhof.

Tess Westerhof.

Photo: Rachel Bosman |


Grandma Westerhof from Denekamp is very proud of her granddaughter Tess (21).

"She will definitely keep the newspaper with my story and photo in it!", says the latter.

She currently lives partly in Groningen and partly in Wachtum in Drenthe.

"My father has a dairy farm. There were no expansion opportunities for him in Twente, but in Wachtum. So my parents moved with my brothers and me to Drenthe. My parents thought it was very bad. They are both from Denekamp and preferred not to leave at all. but this was the best."

She comes from 'an open and close family' where every subject is 'thrown openly on the table'.

"It's quite difficult for dad: all those rules that are added for farmers. The more rules, the harder it is for farmers."

Phosphate rights

"Fortunately, we have enough phosphate rights (farmers are not allowed to produce more manure per calendar year with their dairy cattle than the number of phosphate rights they have. Phosphate rights are expressed in kilograms of phosphate: one right is one kilogram of phosphate, ed.)", she continues.

"But he sees that companies around us are getting into trouble. That hurts my father. Because I will soon be in

De Boerinnenkalender

, I will be asked for interviews and I can give our side of the story. The story of the farmers. "

Chores on the farm

She regularly does odd jobs on her father's farm.

"During the week I am in rooms in Groningen, where I study HBO Nursing. But on the weekends I come home and help out in the company."

Laughing: "Although my parents often have to remind me."

She finds it anything but a punishment.

In fact, she is assigned the best chores.

"I feed the calves and give them colostrum with the bottle."

Not the first family member in calendar

Although she signed up after 'a giggly evening with friends and some drinks', it was not really a surprise that Tess would one day appear in De Boerinnenkalender.

"It's a family tradition! My father was already featured in the Stoere farmer's calendar in 2008. And my two oldest brothers have also appeared in a farmer's calendar."

On Friday 8 October,

De Boerenkalender


De Boerinnenkalender will be


Tess has no idea yet on which page she will end up: "I'll hear that on Friday. I hope for the one in May, because it's my birthday then."

The bachelor is already overwhelmed by all the (media) attention.

"I underestimated that a bit. I think it's all quite exciting. In the photo I'm still wearing everything, but I'm dressed quite provocatively."

But the result is impressive, she says herself.

"I'm proud of that. I'm standing - well, sitting there - just beautiful!"