Road users of the A12 have a difficult week and a half ahead of them.

From Monday evening 9 p.m. to Thursday morning 7 October 5 a.m., the highway to The Hague will be completely closed between the Oudenrijn junction near Utrecht and Nieuwerbrug.

Then, between Nieuwerbrug and Reeuwijk, there is work to be done, but lanes will remain open on that part.

The reason that the busy arterial road is closed is that major maintenance is being carried out.

Where necessary, new matrix signs and detection loops will be installed, repairs will be carried out on viaducts and defective lighting, and mowing will take place.

Between Woerden and Reeuwijk, the worn asphalt will be replaced by noise-reducing Zoab (very open asphalt concrete) and breakdown ports, verges and crash barriers will be raised to the height of the new road surface, according to a spokesperson for Rijkswaterstaat.

Rijkswaterstaat anticipates serious traffic disruption due to the nine-day closure.

But this was still the best option: "With a complete closure of several days in a row, we can do more work in proportion and the inconvenience for road users is the shortest. We can also guarantee the safety for road users and road workers better than with momentary shutdowns."

A detour will apply for traffic from Utrecht to The Hague via the A2, A9 and A4.

Traffic to Rotterdam can drive via the A2, A27 and A15.

As a result, drivers are on the road a lot longer.

Road closure A12