Schiphol has found a new, striking way to protect aircraft against collisions with birds.

It concerns a trial with twenty pigs that have to eat crop residues around the airport before birds have the chance to do so.

Since this week, twenty pigs have been scratching around between the Polderbaan and the Zwanenburgbaan.

It concerns a plot where sugar beets were grown.

The omnivores were released into the almost 2 hectare area immediately after the beet harvest.

The trial will last six weeks.

To measure how many birds are kept away by the pigs, another plot nearby is left empty for comparison.

Schiphol employs twenty

bird controllers


They will keep track of where the birds fly.

To prevent collisions between aircraft and birds (so-called bird strikes), the bird controllers are busy day and night to scare away birds from runways.

They use different techniques for this, from special sounds to laser beams.

There is also grass that the birds do not like.

The pigs around the airport are from Extraordinary Pigs.

This pig farm allows pigs to forage and root in meadows on fields and in forests owned by nature conservationists.

In the end the pigs go to slaughter, but then they have had an idyllic life, is the idea.