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Nice evening out

Daphne Deckers had an old-fashioned nice evening with her family on Thursday: a bite to eat and to the cinema.

"Yesterday dinner with Richard, Emma and Alec and to the movies; so cozy with the four of us, that always makes me happy," she writes with a photo of her children on Instagram.

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Time for goodbye

Tjeerd Oosterhuis stops as producer of Children for Children after eleven albums.

The 42nd album

Be what you want

, which comes out Friday, is his last.

"After eleven albums and 135 produced songs, of which I have had the opportunity to write 62, it is time for new challenges. When I was asked for this legendary project in 2010, I never thought that I would enjoy doing this for so long Something I dreamed of as a songwriter/producer, even as a child," writes Oosterhuis on Instagram.

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First words

Art Rooijakkers is relieved after the surgery on his vocal cords.

Yesterday, after seven days, he was finally allowed to say something again.

"A few words. Which I could have thought about for seven days. All the time for philosophical reflections, a good joke or a nice sentence. And yet I didn't get any further than: 'Yes, may I?'" the presenter writes on Friday. on Instagram.

yesterday at 20:27

Nothing to worry about

Jim Bakkum today thinks back to 2006, when there was still nothing between him and Bettina, with whom he has been married for years.

"Now we are fifteen years later. Ten years married. 146 children", the singer jokes.

yesterday at 3:39 pm

Brother-and-sister day

Giel Beelen proclaimed

Brother-and-sister day

a week after the death of his beloved sister, now eight years ago.

"Because why should there be a Father's Day and a Mother's Day, but not a day to tell your brothers or sisters that you love them?", the radio DJ wondered.

yesterday at 09:47

No prawn crackers

In 2017, Soundos El Ahmadi took part in the survival program

Expedition Robinson


Although she thought it was an impressive experience, the comedienne says on Instagram that viewers will never see her in the program again.



was a wonderful adventure, but also a chapter that is closed for me. I am now making my theater show, television program, series and film. So this chick has no time to sit on an island for weeks. And I promised my daughter I would never go away without her for so long (...) So you don't have to expect me with prawn crackers in my mouth at a long table."

yesterday at 08:31

André Hazes passed away seventeen years ago today and Roxeanne still misses her father daily.

The singer posts a sweet video of herself in her father's arms.


A beautiful memory

yesterday at 05:27

Best friends

Cameron Diaz hasn't acted for a while, but she still sees her friends from 'the world' regularly.

Certainly her best friend Drew Barrymore, who now has her own talk show.

yesterday at 05:27

Wednesday at 20:31

True sisterly love

Yolanthe Cabau enjoys a hug with her sister.

"I love you," the actress captioned the picture.

Wednesday at 17:19

Special meeting

Jan Smit had a special meeting with Orange national coach Louis van Gaal on Wednesday, the singer says on Twitter.

He does not want to reveal what the two have been talking about yet.

We'll probably get to hear it someday.

To be continued.

Had a special meeting with Louis van Gaal this afternoon!

Getting a nice sequel… 💜 #StayTuned


Author JAN SMITMoment of places17: 02 - 22 September 2021

Wednesday at 12:51

Nicole Richie celebrated her 40th birthday on Tuesday, but the party didn't quite go as planned.

Her hair catches fire when she blows out the candles on the cake.


Nicole Richie's hair catches fire when blowing out candles

Wednesday at 11:06

'Thank you'

While most celebrities see a nomination at the Golden Televizier-Ring Gala as a great honour, Raven van Dorst considers it an obligation.

The presenter has been nominated together with Monica Geuze and Rob Kemps in the Televizier-Ster Talent category.

"Goddammit, I'm suddenly in the last three and I have to go to that gala," writes Van Dorst on Instagram Stories.

"Hadn't advertised on purpose. Thank you."

Wednesday at 04:38

A competitive game of

Jessica Biel is ready: she plays a game of


with her husband Justin Timberlake and does everything she can to beat him.

Tuesday at 20:20


Following the horse whisperer, Winston Gerschtanowitz thought he might be able to talk to dogs.

That this did not work is proven by a failed selfie of the presenter and his dog on Instagram.

"Take a selfie with the dog and then try to explain to him to look into the camera in 3, 2, 1… I just literally said, 'Obi, look here.' When I said it, I thought: weird, haha."

Tuesday at 20:20

Tuesday at 15:42

Not too red!

Presenter Kim-Lian van der Meij went to the hairdresser with her daughter Ronja.

Ronja already knew what she didn't want.

"Not as red as you used to be, Mom!" she told her mother.

Tuesday at 13:46

Snapshot from the old box

Stylist and presenter Fred van Leer shared a photo from his younger years on Instagram on Tuesday.

He makes it clear that Van Leer feels old when he sees the photo with the caption "Renesse 1900".

Tuesday at 11:39

Finally another glass of wine

Maxime Meiland is very happy.

The reality star recently became a mother to daughter Vivé and she can finally drink wine again.

Meiland made no secret of the fact that she missed a glass of wine from time to time during her pregnancy.

Tuesday at 07:09

Rolling up your sleeves

Koen Kardashian feels a lot better after spending some time in rehab and is now working on a new television job.

Together with Kim Feenstra, he rolls up his sleeves to milk a cow.

Tuesday at 04:23

Back with a vengeance

Britney Spears has returned to Instagram and immediately shares two photos of her time away with fiancé Sam Asghari.

The singer wanted a break from social media, but missed her fans too much.

She writes with the photos that they were taken during the holidays, but fans doubt that;

her followers see similarities with photos from February.

Monday at 18:44


Ashley Graham is pregnant with twins.

The 33-year-old model shares a video on Instagram on Monday in which she hears during an ultrasound that she is having two boys.

The American announced in July that she was pregnant again, but that turns out to be twins.

"You're kidding me," a surprised Graham himself responded to the news.

The model and her husband Justin Ervin, who have been married since 2010, already have a one-year-old son together.

Monday at 18:44

Monday at 14:20

Sylvie's fairy tale

Sylvie Meis and the German artist Niclas Castello were married exactly one year last Sunday.

To celebrate this, the presenter was taken by her husband to a luxury hotel in Spain, where she enjoys the autumn sun.

Monday at 11:51

Family day on Texel

Last weekend, the Boszhard family traveled to Texel for an outing.

Carlo Boszhard posts some photos of the trip, on which his brother Ron can also be seen.

Monday at 08:19

Back to work

Royce de Vries has returned to work 2.5 months after the death of his father Peter R. de Vries.

On Twitter, he thanks his office mates and lawyer friends for observing his files.

Today I resume my work as a lawyer after two and a half months.

Nice to get started again.

Thanks to my colleagues at @DeVriesKasem and lawyer friends outside our office for observing my files.


Author Royce de VriesMoment of places06: 31 - September 20, 2021

Monday at 05:18

Between the cows

Badr Hari shares a special picture on Instagram: the kickboxer seems to be standing between a lot of cows.

He does not provide any further explanation.

Monday at 05:17

Fond of Khai

The daughter of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik is one year old and that should be celebrated.

Aunt Bella writes an ode to Khai, whom she calls her best friend.

Monday at 05:15

Just the two of you

Annemarie Keizer and her husband Simon have just spent 24 hours together.

The couple adore their daughter and are looking forward to daughter number two, but some time together wouldn't hurt either.

Monday at 05:15

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