Jan Terlouw (89) has a relationship with Annette Mul, 37 years younger.

Their love feels like a "pubescent crush," Mul told

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Terlouw lost his wife Alexandra in 2017, but then found love again with Mul.

The two got to know each other better in an email exchange, according to Mul.

"In any case, I noticed in myself, and I think also in Jan, a kind of adolescent crush, as if you were sixteen and eighteen."

Since she met the former MP, Mul realizes that people don't have a free choice when it comes to love.

She states that the age difference between them is undeniable and this made the children's author feel responsible for her at first.

"In my opinion there is no difference. When we are together, it is just Jan and Annette."

Mul and Terlouw live together in the countryside in Twello in Gelderland.

Mul calls this "almost a godsend".

"He takes me along in the farm life. He says himself: 'Annette has become half a farmer's wife.'" She says it is wonderful to be able to share this life, surrounded by the farm animals, with him.

Terlouw said in the broadcast that he was moved by the words of his girlfriend.

The children's author was married until his wife's death in 2017. He has four children with Alexandra.