The book


by Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem has been awarded the Thea Beckman Prize 2021.

This prize for the best historical children's book has been awarded annually since 2002 in the Archeon in Alphen aan den Rijn.

The award is named after Thea Beckman (1923-2004), who wrote numerous children's books, including

Crusade in Jeans


The historical youth novel


is about an eighteen-year-old girl, Stans, who runs away and ends up in Napoleon's army in Paris.

She must hide there that she is a woman, while her brother tries to find her to bring her back to her husband.

According to the jury, the book succeeds in taking young people back to when it was still normal for other people to make decisions about your life as a woman.

The book also received the Young Beckman Prize, the prize for the best historical youth book according to the readers themselves.

In this case, the children's jury consisted of twelve readers, supervised by writer Marte Jongbloed.

The jury of the Archeon Thea Beckman Prize consists of Hubert Slings (known from the Canon of the Netherlands, among others), Archeon director Monique Veldman, Liselotte Dessauvagie (Jaap ter Haar Foundation, independent reading promoter), Inge Mooiman (children's bookshop Silvester, Leiden) and Moniek Warmer (SLO / Developer educational cultural projects).

Last year the Thea Beckman Prize went


Martine Letterie's

Forbidden to Fly

, the year before writer Bianca Mastenbroek received the prize for the book

Hendrick, de Hollandsche indianan


The year before, Arend van Dam won with

De reis van Syntax Bosselman