presenter Thomas van der Vlugt can be seen as the bachelor in the new season of the series of the same name.

He announced this on

RTL Boulevard

on Thursday


The successor to Tony Junior, the bachelor of the previous season, is looking forward to the recordings.

"It seems like a great adventure. I checked the previous seasons and they looked loving and very beautiful. When I was asked I thought: is that something for me?", he said in the interview with the program .

"So I discussed it with friends and finally decided to join."

"It is of course very special that you can choose from so many women and it seems very annoying that you have to send so many women home," said the presenter.

"But I would really like it if one came out and that you really stick to it."

The presenter does not want to pretend otherwise, he said.

"I also think that you should stay very close to yourself and then something beautiful may arise."

"I love having adventures very much and would love it if I could do that with someone else. Then you come home and you can tell someone else, build a bond and build a future."