Dan Karaty has hardly been seen on Dutch television in the last two years and it now appears that this is not only because of the serious eye infection he has contracted.

In conversation with


, the jury member of, among others,

Holland's Got Talent

says that he took a good look at himself during the corona pandemic and discovered that he was not doing well.

"The pandemic has forced me to look at myself and the way I approached life. Who I was, how I presented myself to the outside world and what things I prioritized. It finally made me realize that I was not doing the right thing. ", says Karaty (44), who lives in New York but works a lot in the Netherlands.

He realized that he hadn't been doing well for years.

"I became depressed, ended up in a very dark period and found myself in a dark place. That struggle in and with myself was heavy. I found out that the dividing line between work and private life was increasingly blurred, something that ultimately also affected my family. became of."

Karaty now feels a lot better and he thinks it is important to better guard the limits of his abilities.

The eye infection, where there was a chance that he would become blind in his left eye, has also been resolved.

For the dancer, nothing stands in the way of returning to television.

"In January I can finally go back to Amsterdam for a new program of my hand that will be aired."