Surinamese president Chan Santokhi, writer Jan Terlouw and actress Monic Hendrickx will soon be guests in

College Tour


The interview program of Twan Huys kicked off the new season earlier this week.

The broadcast with 62-year-old Santokhi, who succeeded Desi Bouterse as president of Suriname more than a year ago, can be seen on Tuesday 14 September.

Terlouw, a politician associated with D66, will talk to students about politics and climate change, which the 89-year-old writer is actively involved in.

The episode with Terlouw will be broadcast on Tuesday 21 September.

Hendrickx, known from


among others


is the last season of the

College Tour.

The episode with the 54-year-old actress can be seen on September 28.

In the program, students engage in conversation with famous people.

It is the second series broadcast by KRO-NCRV.

In the first series, Femke Halsema, Ilse DeLange and the Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, among others, took place next to Huys.