Paris Hilton plans to make a big deal about her wedding to fiancé Carter Milliken Reum.

In an interview with

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

, she says the festivities will last three days, during which she will wear about ten different dresses.

Hilton says that the planning of the wedding is in full swing and involves quite a bit of stress.

"I actually only picked out a dress," Hilton admits.

"There's a lot to do, but I'm not a difficult bride."

Because the event is spread over several days, Hilton wants ten dresses.

"I just love switching outfits."

When asked if her husband-to-be will do the same, she replies in the negative: "He's not as demanding as I am."

The reality star also decided to make a reality series of her wedding, which

will be called

Paris In Love


"I wanted fans to see that I found my prince in shining armor and fairytale ending," the reality star says of the reason for letting the cameras back into her life.

When asked whether she will perform as a DJ at her own wedding, she says that both a DJ and a band will be coming, but that she will not be behind the buttons herself.

The forty-year-old Hilton has been in a relationship with the forty-year-old Reum since the end of 2019.

They announced in February that they were engaged.