Comedian Herman van Veen played his 561st solo performance in Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam on Thursday evening.

The old record was held by Toon Hermans, who performed solo on the iconic stage a total of 556 times.

The 76-year-old artist has been the new record holder since five shows and that was celebrated on Thursday evening.

Van Veen is currently playing his previously postponed anniversary performance in Carré.

With the show

You Can See That Is, he

wanted the comedian to celebrate his 75th birthday and his fiftieth anniversary as an artist.

The tour had to be canceled in 2020 due to the corona virus.

Van Veen is now catching up with the series.

The comedian was surprised with the news on Thursday evening after his performance.

He was honored on stage with fifty golden balloons.

The group of comedians that have appeared on the Carré stage hundreds of times over the past century is limited.

Among Hermans and Van Veen are in the standings Freek de Jonge, Paul van Vliet and Youp van 't Hek.

The chance that these comedians ever come close to Van Veen's new record is small.

Of all Dutch comedians, De Jonge was the most on stage in Carré; a total of more than six hundred times. But he did more than half of these performances together with Bram Vermeulen as the duo Neerlands Hoop (1968-1979). These do not count as solo performances.