Rapper and producer Dr.

From August 1, Dre must pay $293,306 ($248,000) monthly in alimony.

The judge decided that on Thursday,




In addition, the rapper also has to pay the costs for two of the couple's villas and the health insurance of Young, to whom he was married for 24 years and has two adult children.

The arrangement expires if she remarries or starts sharing a household with someone.

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, the amount for Dr.

Dre along.

"This is in line with what he's been paying since their breakup. It's a fraction of the $2 million a month that Nicole and her lawyers demanded," the insider said.

Nicole and Andre Young, as Dr.

Dre actually called, announced in March 2020 that they were getting divorced.

Since then, they and their lawyers have been arguing over the distribution of the wealth that the 56-year-old musician has with his music career and electronics brand Beats By Dr.

Dre built.