Noraly Beyer and Joost Prinsen have found love together and the actor likes to talk about it, but the former



presenter is less open herself.

In conversation with Joris Linssen at NPO Radio 1, she says she had to get used to how he discusses it.

Prinsen told extensively about the relationship in an interview and also described in his new book how love had arisen.

Beyer has to laugh about it.

"That was also completely new for me, that he brings it out like that. Because I am not as open as he is. So I had to get used to that. I laugh about that, but that is more of an embarrassment," said 75-year-old Byer.

Prinsen said that the two had "kissed as children of sixteen" and during the conversation with Linsen, the presenter notes that he "suddenly sees a shy schoolgirl" in Beyer when he starts talking about the relationship.

Beyer therefore laughs.

"That's how I feel when you start talking about it."