Adriaan van Dis has pulmonary fibrosis and the first 24 hours that it became clear that the corona virus would also play a role in the Netherlands, he was in a panic.

The writer is now calmer, but he did make a will in the first lockdown just to be sure, he tells

De Telegraaf


"I have a lung ailment, pulmonary fibrosis. And my pulmonologist said that I should not count on being unaffected," said Van Dis, who immediately took action.

"I had to delve into palliative care. I made a will and an end-of-life will."

After that initial panic disappeared, Van Dis also enjoyed the peace in his city of Amsterdam.

"I lived in the Red Light District for a long time and I had the feeling: gosh, I have the Red Light District back."

Van Dis did not miss the daily tourist flow.

"I loved that silence."

The writer thinks that many people thought they would improve their supplies after the corona crisis, but according to him it now appears that that is not the case.

"Nothing at all. That shows how human we are. I am probably no better myself. We also hoped that we would improve ourselves. We said: we will fly less, we will go less this, we go less that. But as soon as you could book a trip, TUI exploded, so to speak."

In any case, Van Dis has learned one thing: he wants to make better use of the time he has.

"That's what I learned from it. I work harder than ever, with death close at hand."