During the week, the evening meal often has to be cobbled together quickly.

But not everyone always feels like cooking extensively on the weekend.

So how do you put something tasty and nutritious on the table?

Cookbook author Denise Kortlever has long known that her quick recipes are by far the most made.

And since she's a mother, she finds shortcuts even more interesting.

"I also want to have something on the table quickly in the evening. There is nothing wrong with ordering food now and then, but homemade is always tastier and more nutritious."

A well-stocked pantry is therefore a must, according to Kortlever.

"That cupboard can also be a small drawer. It's about having a basic stock with which you can always put together something delicious."

For a quick pasta sauce, reduce canned tomatoes over high heat with plenty of salt, pepper and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

"Shave Parmesan over it - by the way, it keeps well in the fridge for a long time - and do nothing more," Kortlever tips.

"Or a quick tomato sauce with cumin, harissa and some vegetables. Cook a few eggs in it and you have a well-filled shakshuka."

Quick recipes at hand

Brenda Hoff of the Brenda Kookt site also swears by a number of basic products.

It's not for nothing that easy meals are her specialty.

"It's also nice if you have a few quick recipes on hand, the ingredients of which you always have in the cupboard or freezer. Wraps, beans and legumes, for example."

“Simple and fast, and on the weekend there is time to let it simmer” Brenda Hoff about soup

Hoff regularly makes a pot of soup with fresh vegetables on weekends.

"Simple and fast, and on the weekend there is time to let it simmer," she says.

"It is also a handy way to process leftovers. Or even easier: a soup package from the supermarket. Then you can cook fresh with minimal effort."

Hoff and Kortlever don't cook with packets and sachets, but there are other ways to cook faster.

For example, Kortlever regularly uses ready-made ravioli, precooked rice or couscous.

"Often a bit more expensive, but time is also worth something," she thinks.

Hoff saves time by buying pre-cut vegetables.

A portion for the freezer

Furthermore, on a day when you do have time and are already in the kitchen, you might as well make two servings.

"That extra portion can go in the freezer," says Kortlever.

"That applies not only to complete meals, but also to components. Cook a larger amount of grains or legumes once. Make an extra large serving of tomato sauce or a double batch of your favorite dressing."

The weekend is also an excellent time to


a savory pie from slices from the freezer or a


with potatoes, sausages and your favorite vegetables such as pumpkin with beetroot or cauliflower with carrot.

"Add a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper and herbs and you just pop it in the oven," says Hoff.

"And then quickly back to your favorite series."

You can put an extra portion in the freezer

You can put an extra portion in the freezer

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At the table in ten minutes:

  • Puree eight nectarines together with a cup of cherry tomatoes, a good splash of tomato juice, a squeeze of lime juice and a cucumber in a blender until smooth.

    Season with plenty of salt and pepper and serve this gazpacho - preferably ice cold - sprinkled with basil and generously sprinkled with olive oil.

  • Fry falafel balls in a layer of oil until golden brown.

    Meanwhile, grill a zucchini in slices and mix some hummus and yogurt into a dip.

    An extra squeeze of lemon juice and some olive oil is nice.

    Serve this together on flatbread that you have warmed up briefly in the microwave, or on wraps that you heat directly over a gas flame.

  • Place ready-cooked quinoa or rice in a large bowl.

    Mix it with spinach leaves, diced avocados and a handful of crumbled feta.

    Season to taste with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

    Finally, sprinkle the mixture with coarsely chopped almonds.

  • Source: @denisekortlever