The 23-year-old suspect in the armed robbery of stylist Fred van Leer remains in custody.

The judge in Rotterdam extended the pre-trial detention on Thursday until the substantive hearing in September.

The Public Prosecution Service suspects the man of attempted extortion with violence, threat with a firearm, threat to Van Leer's driver, stolen goods and possession of firearms.

The suspect has always denied involvement in the robbery.

"I really have nothing to do with it. It's a real shame that I'm still here for so long," he said during the second preparatory session in the court in Rotterdam.

At Van Leer, early in the morning on November 18, two men, dressed in PostNL uniforms, had a package with them.

The stylist opened the door and met the two in the stairwell.

As soon as he saw one of them wearing a wig, he realized something wasn't right.

Van Leer kicked the front man down the stairs, after which he was threatened with a firearm by one of the suspects.

"I'll shoot you," said this man.

According to the prosecutor, "some wrestling followed", after which the two men ran away.

Van Leer's driver gave chase and he was shouted "shut up or I'll kill you".

DNA found on shoe and scooter

A shoe and a loaded pistol were later found in the stairwell.

DNA of the 23-year-old suspect from Amsterdam was found on the shoe and the scooter with which the suspects drove to Van Leer's house.

During the second preparatory hearing, the defendant's lawyer stated again that DNA cannot prove that his client is the perpetrator.

The shoe and the scooter also contained the DNA of at least three other people, he says.

The lawyer also repeated that his client is much smaller than Van Leer described.

The public prosecutor emphasized that it concerns the "combination of facts and circumstances".

The profile of the suspect would emerge very clearly from the DNA on the scooter.

He also fits the description, according to the Public Prosecution Service.

"It's about a slender person in loose-fitting rain gear."

The case will be heard substantively on Wednesday 22 September.

The other suspect is still missing.


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