The mayors of the Belgian municipalities of Boom and Rumst have banned the postponed edition of Tomorrowland,




The organization says in a press release that the decision "arrives like a sledgehammer, very hard and unexpected".

After relocation, the festival would take place on the weekends of August 27 to 29 and September 3 to 5.

"The cited reason would be the lack of publication of the Ministerial Decree regarding maximum capacity (75,000 persons)", the press release said.

"For the time being, according to the mayors, only events of up to 400 people can legally be allowed. The police also indicate in their advice that if they will have to carry out the additional ID verification of the Covid Safety Ticket, the police will no longer have sufficient capacity to to concentrate on the essential tasks."

The organization says that it wants to organize a safe festival in the first place.

"The mayor of Boom and his counsel have indicated to us that we can go to the Council of State against this decision."

A press conference about the decision will follow later in the day.