Marieke Derksen is happy that her father Johan can be seen on television, but the 41-year-old publisher would not want it herself.

She prefers to stay behind the scenes, with her Publisher Inside.

Asked by

De Telegraaf

why she never sits at the table at

Veronica Inside

, just like her father,

Derksen is clear.

"Because I don't want to be on TV. If I sit there, I'm afraid of some kind of Tommy Cooper moment. That I get a heartbreak and everyone thinks: she's acting it."

Although she doesn't have to think about it herself, she is happy with the role her father has in the football program because, according to her, he "provides a counter-sound to the current betting society". "Surely it must be over at some point with being unable to say anything and taking offense at everything? That a generation will arise that is done with that?"

Not that it's easy: her father gets a lot of hateful reactions and even needed security. "But when he falls down the stairs, there is also a flood of statements of support. From Lodewijk Asscher to Dirk Kuijt, I have had them all on the line. I really did not expect that. weigh an ounce: Johan has no social media and therefore does not read it anyway. It took him three days alone to get his new iPhone."

Derksen also receives hateful reactions from the competition. "I never said we make literature, so don't judge it that way either. The funny thing is that the same critics all hang up as soon as there are some knacks to be made. How hypocritical is that? When we first got there, colleague wanted -publishers don't even shake my hand. The old guard still has a bit of that hautain and proclaims that they make literature. But in the meantime they never appear on the bestsellers list."