Jim Bakkum (33) is going to write a book about his life, he shares on Instagram on Tuesday.

His biography

Jim, De Weg Naar Bakkum will be

published in November.

"Last year I was approached by publisher Kompas with the message: 'We think that your life course can be very interesting for a book,'" Bakkum writes with a photo of the cover.

"'Don't you have to be a hundred for a biography?!', was my first reaction. But after a nice conversation I was out pretty quickly; I want to put my beautiful and bizarre way into a book."

Jim broke through at the age of fifteen thanks to his participation in the first season of


, in which he was a losing finalist.

After that he scored several hits and played in theater performances, musicals and films.

The book contains a big message, says Bakkum.

"Follow that seemingly unattainable dream, because


before you know it you'll be living it."

The cover of Jim Bakkum's biography.

The cover of Jim Bakkum's biography.

Photo: Jim Bakkum, Compass