Former BBC boss Tony Hall is "very sorry" that Prince William was touched by the outcome of the investigation into the controversial interview that the broadcaster had with his mother Princess Diana in 1995.

Hall headed the BBC from 2013 to 2020, but in 1996 led an internal investigation into Diana's much-discussed conversation with reporter Martin Bashir.

Earlier this year, an independent investigation revealed that the interview was arranged by providing false information.

The BBC went to deep into the dust.

"I have tremendous respect for the Prince. I have worked with him several times in the past and I am terribly sorry that this has hurt him. I wanted to make that clear," Hall said in an interview with

ITV News


"We did what we thought was right at the time," says the former television boss, who has not yet spoken to the prince.

Now he finds that Bashir should have been fired.

Prince William lashed out at the BBC after the new investigation was published.

According to the Duke of Cambridge, Britain's public broadcaster contributed "significantly" to Diana's "anxiety, paranoia and isolation".

"The interview was a major contributor to the deterioration of my parents' relationship and has hurt countless others since then," he said.

According to the prince, his mother, who died in 1997, was not only the victim of "a rogue reporter", but also "failing BBC bosses who looked away instead of asking difficult questions".

William's brother Harry also responded to the findings.

He told several media that he saw the investigation as a "first step towards justice and the truth".