Chrissy Teigen has written a blog about her online bullying behavior after a month of media silence.

Old Twitter messages from the model were recently surfaced and Teigen apologized on Monday for these negatively charged messages.

John Legend's wife explains that her messages stemmed from insecurity.

"I thought I had to impress strangers to be accepted."

"When the pop culture world came up again, I would take to Twitter to get attention and impress with what I thought was a sharp and harmless joke," she continues.

"I thought it made me cool when I joked about other stars."

Teigen addressed one of the messages to television personality Courtney Stodden, in which the model and cookbook author wrote that Stodden would be better off committing suicide.

The messages were posted on Twitter about ten years ago.

Teigen previously apologized, but in the blog post she goes deeper into her own bullying behavior.

"I am genuinely ashamed of these posts. When I read them I understand the pain they have caused and I think, 'How could I have ever done this?'."

Teigen says she is currently reaching out to all the people she has offended online.

Among them are other celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes.

"I don't think they want to talk to me. But if they do, I'll listen to what they want to say."

At the beginning of March, Teigen took leave of Twitter because she received too many negative reactions there.

About three weeks later, she returned to the social medium.