Peter Phillips (43) and his ex-wife Autumn Kelly (43) have shared a statement about their divorce,




The eldest grandson of the British Queen Elizabeth announces that the divorce has been finalized and that they have come to an agreement.

"We are happy to say that everything has been amicably concluded," said the two.

Phillips was married to the Canadian for twelve years.

Now that the divorce is over, the two ask for peace for the family for "a new chapter in our lives".

Phillips was the first of Elizabeth's grandchildren to marry.

After living together for a while, the couple married in 2008 at St George's Chapel in Windsor.

The son of Princess Anne and Kelly have two daughters together, Savannah (10) and Isla (9).

Phillips and Kelly's divorce came as no surprise to the British royal family.

Phillips had already told the news to his grandmother Elizabeth in 2019.