Rob de Nijs is planning to go all out for his farewell to the podium.

A show is already planned in Belgium for November, but the 78-year-old singer is also talking about 'something big' in the Netherlands, he tells

De Telegraaf.

De Nijs, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, can say little about the exact plans.

"There are already plans for a concert in the Sportpaleis Antwerp, which we are now trying to continue on November 21. And there are talks going on for something big in the Netherlands, but I can't say anything concrete about that yet."

The singer hopes that it will be possible to say goodbye to his fans.

"I would like to burn one more time, we will see what is still possible by then."

His singing has not been affected by his illness, as can also be heard on his album

't Is mooi,

released last year

. "Singing is just fine, it's crazy that your voice is not affected by my condition. If there hadn't been corona, I think I would have just performed here and there, only TV appearances ... I don't do that anymore. gives so much stress. Light, sound, how do you get into the picture? I've always found that, no matter how many times I've been on TV. I don't do that anymore."