Robert ten Brink is not so worried about playing Sinterklaas, about his four-year-old grandchild who might recognize him all the more.

From October Ten Brink can be seen as the holy man in

De Grote Sinterklaas film: Trammelant in Spain


"If I get the beard, miter and tabard, I instantly change into someone else," he tells the ANP.

It is also his debut on the silver screen for the 65-year-old Ten Brink.

At least, as far as most people know.

"I once played a role in a romantic comedy, but that was completely cut out," he says with a laugh.

"It was said that it no longer fit the story, but whether that was the real reason, I wonder."

Ten Brink succeeds Bram van der Vlugt with his role, who played Sinterklaas for years.

However, he does put his own spin on the holy man.

"I shouldn't want to imitate Bram, nobody can do that," says Ten Brink.

"I'm not going to put on a strange voice, I'm just myself."


Being yourself does entail the necessary risks. Ten Brink is a proud grandfather of five grandchildren. "I am terrified that the 4 year old recognizes me. I wouldn't want that on my conscience. The oldest are 11 and 9 years old, so I can eventually tell them", he says. However, he has not yet done the latter. "They probably think that Grandpa has gone completely mad. That he screams in the middle of summer:" Hello, I am the new Sinterklaas! "

Van der Vlugt was the 'real' Sinterklaas for many children. That is something that Ten Brink greatly admires. "It all went very naturally with him, he had that twinkle in his eye," says the

All You Need is Love

presenter. Ten Brink would like to become the new 'real'. "You can't force that," he thinks. "But how cool would it be if children see you, look at you with wide eyes and think in amazement: 'Wow, that's Santa Claus'."