The final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam drew 5,441,000 Dutch viewers on Saturday evening.

The show was thus the most viewed program of the day, according to figures from the Stichting KijkOnderzoek.

The 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was won by the Italian band Måneskin with the song

Zitti E Buoni


It is the most watched final of the Eurovision Song Contest of this century.

Yesterday was the final of 2014 when 5,149,000 people saw how Ilse DeLange and Waylon as The Common Linnets took second place.

Last year, about 4.4 million Dutch people participated in the final in which Duncan Laurence won.

The worst viewed final in which the Netherlands performed was that of 2004, when the music festival attracted less than three million viewers.

The Dutch-Italian duo Re-union then finished twentieth.

Eurovision Song Contest: De preview,

in which Rik van de Westelaken looked ahead to the final

, ended in second place in the audience rating list on Saturday evening


3.1 million Dutch people looked at that.


NOS News

of 20.00 is in third place in the viewing rating list with 2,853,000 viewers.

The day top 5 of Sunday 23 May

  • 1. Final Eurovision Song Contest (NPO1) - 5,441,000 viewers

  • 2. Eurovision Song Contest: The preview (NPO1) - 3,102,000 viewers

  • 3. NOS News from 20.00 (NPO1) - 2,853,000 viewers

  • 4. OP1 (NPO1) - 1,771,000 viewers

  • 5. NOS News from 18.00 (NPO1) - 1,153,000 viewers