The first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest is immediately a very exciting one: the bookmakers cannot decide which of the sixteen artists will advance to the final.

Yet only ten countries qualify for 22 May.

Lithuania - The Roop -


It was quite disappointing for The Roop that the Eurovision Song Contest was canceled in 2020: with their song

On Fire

, they were tipped as a potential winner of the edition and many fans already knew the dance by heart.



they try to maintain that same festive feeling, including dance.


Lithuania - The Roop - Discoteque

Slovenia - Ana Soklic -


It doesn't happen often, but this year two songs have the same title.

Not only the Slovenian Ana Soklic sings


, Vincent Bueno of Austria has also thrown it on the faith.

The singer has also had quite a battle: in her own country she competed for a place at the Eurovision Song Contest last year.

This year she didn't have to fight for the honor again, the selection committee gave her a second chance.


Slovenia - Ana Soklic - Amen

Russia - Manizha -

Russian Woman

Everything about the Russian contest for the Eurovision entry was one big mystery: who would compete, how many artists would compete for the win. Little Big was supposed to compete in 2020, but decided not to do so this year.

Manizha narrowly won with her feminist

Russian Woman

, with 39 percent of the vote.


Russia - Manizha - Russian Woman

Sweden - Tusse -


The Mamas will not return to the Eurovision stage for a third time.

After participating with John Lundvik, the group qualified for 2020 with their song


in 2019

, but in 2021 they were no match for Tusse, who won the national competition.

Tusse sings about the importance of listening to each other.


Sweden - Tusse - Voices

Australia - Montaigne -


Australia always remains an odd man out during the Eurovision Song Contest: after all, the country is not really around the corner.

Still, there are so many fans of the event in Australia that it pays to participate for the sixth time.

Montaigne had the honor of doing that in 2020 with

Don't Break Me

, but opts

for a slightly more cheerful tone





Australia - Montaigne - Technicolor

North Macedonia - Vasil -

Here I Stand

Again a returning artist: Vasil had

to throw

You in

the trash and could start over.

The result of this has become

Here I Stand


In the video clip, the singer first tells how terrible he thought it was that the Eurovision Song Contest was canceled a year earlier.


North Macedonia - Vasil - Here I Stand

Ireland - Lesley Roy -


Major hits have not yet been released for Lesley Roy, but Ireland's internal selection committee has every confidence in the 34-year-old singer.

She wrote


herself for the most part and worked on them for over a year.

The singer hopes to improve people's mood with the song, she said earlier.


Ireland - Lesley Roy - Maps

Cyprus - Elena Tsagrinou -

El Diablo

Elena Tsagrinou had the believers on her neck beforehand: the singer sings that she gave her heart to the devil and that led to quite a few critical reactions in her own country.

Tsagrinou does not seem to care and has put the words

El Diablo

on stage again.


Cyprus - Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo

Norway - Tix -

Fallen Angel

This year, too, the enormous wings will not be missing on the Eurovision stage: singer Tix has put on white angel wings for

Fallen Angel


With his enormous sunglasses, golden chains and headband, Tix seems to see the Eurovision Song Contest mainly as a stunt, but nothing could be further from the truth because the singer had to compete hard in his own country for his chance to be on the podium: he defeated in the national competition crowd favorite KEiiNO, the band that competed in 2019.


Norway - TIX - Fallen Angel

Croatia - Albina -


The 22-year-old Albina finished third in the Croatian version of

The Voice

, but signed a record deal immediately afterwards.

Whether that is the reason that she did a lot better in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest is not clear, but she did win it.


Croatia - Albina - Tick-Tock

Belgium - Hooverphonic -

The Wrong Place

Hooverphonic returns, but has had quite a bit of criticism from fans: a year ago the twenty-year-old Luka still sang with the band, but for this year original singer Geike Arnaert has returned.

She sang in the band between 1997 and 2008 and was called back.


Belgium - Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place

Israel - Eden Alene -

Set Me Free

Eden Alene chose

Feker Libi

in 2020

, which she sang in four languages.

In 2021 she will make things a little easier for herself:

Set Me Free

only has two languages.

This time the Israeli singer sticks to a mix of English and Hebrew.

She sings about how badly she longs for a free life and that she can handle it just fine on her own.


Israel - Eden Alene - Set Me Free

Romania - Roxen -


The 21-year-old Roxen wants

to remind

people with


that it is important to love yourself: she has not had an easy time and has lost herself in it, but self-love has helped the singer on top of it.


Romania - ROXEN - Amnesia


- Efendi -

Mata Hari

In her new issue, Efendi makes a reference to her entry from last year:



This time, however, she chose to sing about Mata Hari, the Dutch exotic dancer accused of espionage.


Azerbaijan - Efendi - Mata Hari

Ukraine - Go_A -


The title of the Ukrainian entry means 'sound' and that is exactly what the band shows: the voice of singer Kateryna Pavlenko is striking and the beats under

Shum also

contain typical Ukrainian influences.


Ukraine - Go_A - ШУМ

Malta - Destiny -

Je Me Casse

Destiny wanted to submit a song this year that people could dance to.

The singer is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest: in 2015 she won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and in 2016 she was already on the stage of the big competition as the winner of the children's version.


Malta - Destiny - Je Me Casse