Many Eurovision artists reacted a bit shocked on Sunday evening to the news that corona infections have been detected in the delegations from Poland and Iceland.

The absence of Malta and Romania was also not ignored on the turquoise carpet of the opening ceremony.

"It scares you a bit", Jeangu Macrooy responded to the ANP.

He hopes that the four countries can still continue.

In the meantime, the Dutch delegation is doing everything it can to avoid any risks.

"We actually only go from hotel to Ahoy and back again. It has been a long time since I was surrounded by so many people. But we are super careful, because I just have to be on that podium on Saturday."

Stefania was also sorry, especially for her good friend Destiny from Malta.

"We are very close to each other and now she can not be there. That does something to you, you can feel it", said the singer, who has now had contact with her.

"You just want everyone to have a good evening and if some of them aren't there then you're missing out."

The Lithuanian band The Roop announced that it was mainly Poland and Iceland in mind.

"But I think they're okay. It's going to be fine," said lead singer Vaidotas Valiukevičius firmly.

"They just come on that platform. I'm sure."


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'We want everyone to be there'

Singer Vasil from North Macedonia was worried that the whole ceremony might not even take place because of the developments.

"But it is very good to be here. We are also here for them."

Taras Shevchenko from the Go_A group from Ukraine wished the delegations strength and improvement. He also expressed the hope that everyone will eventually be on the Eurovision stage. “There are so many great songs this year, we want everyone to be there,” he said. "For us it's not about the competition but more about celebrating the music. Everyone should participate."