Karin Bloemen will be holding a major theater tour with the Metropole Orchestra in 2023 on the occasion of her 40th anniversary as an artist.

The singer performs all her big hits during the show.

The intention is that she will visit at least twelve major theaters.

Flowers told this in the NPO Radio 1 program

Op de plank


"I can hope and pray that that will be allowed again by then," she referred to the current lockdown.

The Dutch theaters have not been allowed to organize performances for more than six months.

"I don't really understand why not, everything is super safe in the theater. People have such a need for an evening to be released from the fear, the grind, the worries and the uncertainty."

In addition to a tour, Bloemen is also celebrating her lustrum with an anniversary book that she is now writing.

This book will also be published in 2023, the year of its 40th anniversary.

During the lockdown, the artist wrote another book about her great passion, crochet.

This book will be published by Luitingh-Sijthoff in September.

The singer is not the first in the Netherlands to write a crochet book.

Entrepreneur and former porn actress Bobbi Eden is also an avid crocheter and has already published several works on this.

Bloemen herself previously wrote the book

My true story

, about her turbulent life.