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Michelle Obama's


is fond of knitting, she reveals in an interview with Gayle King on Monday.

Her most recent work is a sweater for Barack.

"He hasn't worn it yet, but he will. It was too hot for a sweater when I gave it to him."

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Máxima buried under Mother's Day

gifts Máxima also received gifts from her daughter Amalia, Alexia and Ariane on Sunday.

During a visit to the former Radio Kootwijk broadcasting station, the queen said that she had received thick kisses, hugs, dried flowers and flowers.

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Jandino Asporaat on the way to Curaçao

Jandino Asporaat takes the plane to Curacao.

In July it was announced that the comedian and actor is in the process of building a new town on the island where he was born.

"Stay focused on your goals, don't get distracted. Now is the time," he writes just before leaving.

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Richard Groenendijk is homesick for the guilder era

Richard Groenendijk happened

to come across

a note of 25 guilders (about 11 euros).

The comedian says he is homesick for the period before the euro coin was introduced in the Netherlands in 2002.

If the greed for money wins from the melancholy at Groenendijk, he can exchange the note for euros at De Nederlandsche Bank until 1 January 2032.

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Marieke Elsinga happy with early sunrise

Because of her work as a radio host, Marieke Elsinga is already on her way to the Qmusic studio before 5.30 am.

Now that spring is here and it gets light earlier in the morning, the pain of getting up early is eased somewhat.

Elsinga says on Instagram that she is happy with the longer days.

yesterday at 2:44 PM

Edwin Evers does a few times about blowing out fifty candles

Edwin Evers will celebrate his fiftieth birthday on Sunday.

The radio maker and musician are unable to blow out all the candles on his birthday cake at once.

Whether that is due to his respectable age is unknown.

Birthday Edwin Evers does a few times about blowing out fifty candles

yesterday at 2:42 PM

Carice van Houten pampers her skin with 'collagen boost'

Carice van Houten thinks she has found an "alternative to injections and fillers".

"Piece of skin tightening for mom," said the actress.

yesterday at 2:13 PM

Kim Kardashian's son Psalm celebrates second birthday

Psalm, the son of Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West, will celebrate his second birthday on Sunday.

"Of all my children he looks the most Armenian, he is just like my grandfather," said the reality star with partly Armenian roots about her son.

"He reminds me so much of my father."

yesterday at 12:15 PM

Ajax fan Frank van der Lende poses at the statue of Hazes

Frank van der Lende poses just before the just not canceled match between Feyenoord and Ajax in Ajax outfit in front of the statue of the folk singer André Hazes in Amsterdam, who died in 2004.

The radio DJ apparently does not know that, according to persistent rumors, Hazes, a native of Amsterdam, was a fan of the Rotterdam club.

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Frans and Mariska Bauer have been married for thirteen years.

Frans Bauer and his wife Mariska have been married for thirteen years on Sunday.

"As the day of then I love you", writes Mariska, referring to

Reinhard Mey

's song 

As the day of then


Saturday at 5:28 AM

Ruud de Wild amazed at rapid recovery

Radio DJ Ruud de Wild, who suffers from colon cancer and has recently undergone surgery, says he looks surprised in the photo.

"I am also surprised that I can now start doing light things very calmly. Six weeks ago that would be science fiction."

Friday at 3:41 PM

Nikkie Plessen treated to fast food

The entrepreneur and presenter will only have a birthday on Saturday, but was already surprised by her team on Friday with a table full of fast food.

"I love this soooo much. What a surprise, and again I didn't notice."

Friday at 12:20 PM

No make-up for Jan

Jan Smit again had rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday and shared images of this.

This led to many reactions from followers, who were of the opinion that the presenter and singer has a very tanned face.

That is not the result of multiple tanning sessions or an excess of make-up, Smit claims on Instagram.

"Just sunshine, dear people, it works the best."

Friday at 9:01 AM

Nicolette Kluijver with a bob

Nicolette Kluijver shows a new hairstyle on Instagram, although it is not clear whether she really cut her locks or if she has hidden them temporarily.

"I am the Bob", the presenter jokes with a photo in which she can be seen with a bob haircut.

Friday at 5:31 AM

You have to talk to your friends

John Stamos, already 57 years old, shares a photo from the old days on Friday.

He can be seen with two friends on the night of their


, the closing school party.

"Friends won't let you wear this revolting powder blue suit," Stamos writes.

Friday at 5:31 AM

Thursday at 8:06 PM

Ruud de Wild and Olcay Gulsen going out together

The couple went for a walk on Thursday.

"With the best. Today 7 kilometers", says a proud Gulsen, whose friend recently underwent surgery for colon cancer.

Thursday at 13:48

Busy rehearsing

Jan Smit and Chantal Janzen started rehearsing in Ahoy this week for the live shows of the Eurovision Song Contest.

That also involves a lot of waiting and that moment the two seize for a selfie.

Thursday at 10:35 AM

Fourth child for Oscar Kazàn

Oscar Kazàn, the eldest son of Hans Kazàn, and his wife Bregje gave birth to their fourth child in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

They already had twins (Oscar and Felix) and a daughter (Skyler).

Son Dante has now joined.

The illusionist says that Bregje and Dante are doing well.

"I am very proud of them."

Thursday at 7:24 AM

Congratulations to Archie

Archie, the son of Harry and Meghan, turns two on Thursday.

He is congratulated by his Uncle William and Aunt Kate, who share a family photo on Instagram that features them all.

"We wish Archie a very happy birthday today," write the British royals.

Wednesday at 8:24 PM

Raven thanks followers

Raven van Dorst, who announced on Wednesday that he identified himself as non-binary, is happy with all the responses from followers.

"Time for beer now."

The presenter and artist also gives a short explanation about the pronunciation of the name: "It is Raven in Dutch, with a long a as in tomaaaaaaaaten."

Wednesday at 3:57 PM

Adele celebrates freedom on her birthday

The singer turned 33 on Wednesday and pauses with some photos on social media.


Thirty free

', Adele writes in the caption.

Wednesday at 3:57 PM

Wednesday at 10:49 AM

Lil Kleine enjoys his stay in Spain

Rapper Lil Kleine has fled the wet spring in the Netherlands and is staying in Spain.

The artist shows on Instagram that he is currently enjoying the good life in the seaside resort of Marbella.

There he eats, among other things, in the restaurant Nobu.

The caretaker cabinet advises not to travel abroad if it is not really necessary.

Wednesday at 7:58 AM

Twan had had enough

When asked by

Veronica Magazine

who he never wants to interview again,

College Tour

presenter Twan Huys


: "Nicolas Cage. I had prepared very well, but already after the first question it was clear that he was not interested. After two more tries, I asked him if he was interested in the interview. He didn't, so after three minutes I got up and left. "

Wednesday at 5:00 am

A small reunion

Rein and Sylvia did not have a marriage left from their participation in 

Married at First Sight

, but they did have friends.

On Instagram, the two share this selfie, saying that they finally had time to catch up.

Tuesday at 8:34 PM

Large tumor removed from Jan Rot

Jan Rot was admitted to hospital last week.

During an operation, a large tumor was removed from his intestines and stomach, the family of the singer, composer and lyricist know on Twitter.

"Now he must first recover and get stronger and then take some bumps," the statement said.

The 63-year-old Rot already announced last week that he is ill.

He then posted a photo in which he looks seriously emaciated.

"Hello friends, it is not for nothing that looked so thin lately. We are now on exciting days and working on recovery. I am not there yet, but I will be there. Until then, take a break here."

Tuesday at 4:49 PM

Quinty Trustfull has lips massaged rather than sprayed

Although it is no longer a taboo to have your lips sprayed or undergo other cosmetic procedures, Quinty Trustfull shows that there are other ways to shape your face according to current beauty ideals.

The presenter shows on Instagram that a good lip massage can work just as well as an injection. 

Tuesday at 12:30 pm

Maik de Boer hides under the sheets

With the strong wind and rain, the stylist thinks it is no weather to go outside on Tuesday.

"I say stay in bed again."

Tuesday at 12:30 pm

Tuesday at 9:32 AM

Tony is looking for

Exciting times for Tony Junior, because the recording of

The Bachelor

has begun.

In the coming weeks, the DJ will look for his ideal match.

Whether this will indeed lead to a love, the viewer cannot yet see on television.

It is expected that the episodes will not be available on Videoland until the autumn.

Tuesday at 7:05 AM

Adam wants a milkshake

Adam Sandler commented on the TikTok video in which he is featured.

In the video, which went viral from the end of April, Sandler is rejected at a restaurant because the waitress does not recognize him.

The seventeen-year-old waitress, who afterwards was very ashamed that she did not recognize Sandler, shared the camera images of the incident via the video app TikTok.

"To clarify: I left IHOP only because the nice lady said the 'all you can eat offer' does not apply to the milkshakes," the 54-year-old actor jokes on Twitter on Tuesday.

For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn't apply to the milkshakes.


Avatar Author Adam Sandler Moment of Places 03: 18-4 May 2021

Monday at 8:30 PM

Knighted Claudia de Breij has a house full of flowers

In April Claudia de Breij received the royal decoration Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion for her contribution to Dutch culture and society.

The cabaret artist, musician and presenter received many bouquets from people who congratulated her on her ribbon.

"It makes me so dangly happy that I'm all the time taking out dead flowers, merging bunches and eventually even photographing them and putting them on Instagram," said 46-year-old De Breij.

"Ripe for a retirement home, but very happy like that."

Monday at 6:35 PM

Laura Ponticorvo reveals the gender of her baby

Musical actress and YouTuber Laura Ponticorvo and her husband Ryan are expecting a daughter, she says in a video.

In April Ponticorvo announced that he was pregnant.

Laura Ponticorvo reveals the gender of her baby

Monday at 5:59 PM

Angela Groothuizen links rubbish to the end of the curfew

"The end of the curfew has been celebrated exuberantly here on the canal", suspected singer and presenter Angela Groothuizen when she saw how many liquor bottles were next to the bottle bank.

Monday at 3:50 PM

Freek jokes: 'Have my beard shaved'

"How many weeks do you sleep on the couch if your girlfriend has warned you for ten years that you should not take your beard off?", Musician Freek Rikkerink jokingly wondered at a photo in which he without a beard.

He said he was afraid of the reaction of his girlfriend Suzan Stortelder, because he took out the razor anyway.

The two together form the musical duo Suzan & Freek.

Later it turned out to be an edited photo.

Monday, May 3 at 2:13 PM

Jochem Myjer not afraid of cold on the terrace at the beach

Jochem Myjer thinks it is cold on the beach, but don't let that ruin his terrace experience at a beach bar.

"We have our skates with us in case the sea freezes, because it's like sitting on the North Pole," said the comedian.

"But nobody will take this away from us again!"

Monday, May 3 at 13:22

Will Smith says he is out of shape

According to Will Smith, he is "in the worst shape" of his life.

The 52-year-old actor shares a photo to underline his opinion.

Smith does not comment on whether he suffers from 'coronakilos' or is preparing for an acting job.

Monday, May 3 at 11:46 AM

Connie has car back

Connie Witteman's car, which was stolen on Sunday, has been recovered.

The car was traced using an app that could track the vehicle.

Witteman is again fully focused on her son Marvin, who has been hospitalized with COVID-19 and is "making great progress".

Monday, May 3 at 07:12

Concentrating on the beautiful things

Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen enjoys the beautiful weather in Los Angeles and tries to focus on the positive things in life.

According to the presenter, it is important to leave no room for harboring grudges.

Monday, May 3 at 4:39 AM

Where's the car?

Connie Witteman keeps her followers informed about the theft of her small car.

On Instagram she called on her followers on Sunday afternoon to please look out for the trolley with orange trim and that is bearing fruit: someone tipped her off that it is near the Amstel Station in Amsterdam.

However, she has not yet found him.

Sunday, May 2 at 6:06 PM

Billie Eilish breaks Instagram record again

Pop phenomenon Billie Eilish (19) is on the cover of British Vogue, breaking a record: the photo received no less than one million likes on Instagram within six minutes.

Never has a photo on the platform received so many likes in such a short time.

The counter now stands at almost seven million.

"I love these photos and I loved this shoot. Do what you want, when you want," writes Eilish.

Eilish broke the same record in March with a photo of her new blonde haircut.

Sunday, May 2 at 12:07 PM

Soundos El Ahmadi shares a portrait of a rocking horse for daughter Soundos El Ahmadi

's six-year-old daughter wanted her mother to post a photo of herself on a rocking horse on Instagram.

The cabaret artist did not want to refuse.

She jokes that her credibility has now disappeared.

Sunday, May 2 at 10:29 AM

Jennifer Hoffman plans birth announcement of her son 

The birth announcement of Cooper, the February-born son of Jennifer Hoffman and her boyfriend Dorian Geis, contains flower seeds.

The actress has now planted the ticket.

Sunday May 2 at 5:30 am

Princess Charlotte (6) receives congratulations from British royal family

Princess Charlotte will celebrate her sixth birthday on Sunday.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's daughter receives congratulations from the British royal family.

zaterdag 1 mei om 18:08

Georgina Verbaan kijkt mensen op het terras
"Gefotografeerd door mijn kind op een terras. Lekker mensen kijken, ik had ze gemist die mensen", schrijft de actrice bij een foto met een glas wijn.

zaterdag 1 mei om 13:10

Jessie Jazz Vuijk en Kaj Gorgels genieten op Ibiza
Jessie Jazz Vuijk en vriend Kaj Gorgels zijn samen op vakantie op Ibiza. "Ik ben zó gek op deze man", schrijft het model bij een foto met de Expeditie Robinson-presentator.

zaterdag 1 mei om 08:55

Nick Schilder has to cool down

Nick Schilder heard this morning that the first episode of

Nick, Simon & Kees: Take A Chance On Me

, a series in which the people of Volendam go in search of the story of ABBA, has attracted 1.4 million viewers.

The singer writes on Instagram that he had to cool down.

He did this with a dip in the IJsselmeer, which he calls his morning ritual.

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