NBC, which has been broadcasting the Golden Globes awards for decades, refuses to do so again in 2022.

The decision follows the widespread criticism of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's (HFPA) lack of diversity, which determines who goes home with a figurine.

The announcement follows a week after the HFPA announced that it wanted to implement changes in the field of representativeness.

Still, NBC, which has been broadcasting the gala annually since 1958, stands by this decision.

"We believe the HFPA wants to reform. But that takes time," the channel said according to

The Hollywood Reporter


"That's why NBC will not broadcast the upcoming edition. Assuming the organization is executing its plan, we hope to be able to screen the show in 2023."

It is not yet known whether another channel is willing to broadcast the prize gala.

The HFPA currently has a little less than ninety members, but will be expanded with twenty new members.

This specifically looks at black journalists, who are not represented.

The acceptance of (generous) gifts is also limited, as this could influence voting behavior, and the payments that some members receive for their work on certain committees will also be cut.

Organization 'too exclusive'

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been accused of being "too exclusive", also because of its admission requirements.

In the future, journalists who do not work for print media and who do not reside in Southern California but elsewhere in the United States will also be admitted.

Also, current members no longer need to sponsor prospective members.

Many PR agencies, representing big stars, threatened to boycott the Golden Globes if things didn't change.

A number of agencies have already announced that they are pleased with the possible changes.