A family from New York was surprised this week when an order of nearly a thousand ice creams was delivered.

They turned out to have been ordered in an unguarded moment by a young family member.

Four-year-old Noah Bryant, who is on the autism spectrum, placed an order through Amazon for $ 2,168 (about 2,150 euros) of ice creams from the popular cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.

According to American media, the boy had a total of 51 boxes, containing 918 ice creams, sent to his aunt's house in Brooklyn.

The boy's family told Amazon that it could not pay the bill for it.

Amazon said it would not be able to take the order back, but would donate it to a local charity.

A crowdsource campaign to help the family pay the bill has already raised more than $ 11,000 ($ 9,000).

Enough to get Noah to order another 4,000 ice creams were it not for the boy's temporary Amazon ban imposed by his mother.

The money that is left after paying the bill goes to Noah's education, according to the family.