Kim Kardashian denies being responsible for the purchase of a stolen statue five years ago.

Her spokesperson tells

NBC News

that the reality star was unaware of the Roman artwork being imported to the United States under her name.

The image was intercepted in the Port of Los Angeles five years ago and Kardashian's name was on the commercial papers.

"It may have been bought under her name, but without permission," the spokesperson explains.

"And because it never arrived, she didn't know about this transaction. We hope the matter will be sorted out and the statue returned to its rightful owner."

According to


Kanye West, the man Kim is currently in divorce with, may have been behind the purchase.

The image was sent by a Belgian interior designer who previously worked with the two on decorating a house.

After the seizure, an archaeologist ruled that the statue originated in the Roman Empire and was "looted, smuggled and illegally exported from Italy". Authorities in Italy are now reclaiming the statue.