Ferry Doedens thinks afterwards that he was naive when starting his OnlyFans account.

The actor shared erotic images of himself there and made sure that his account was not visible from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, but in the end they also came into the publicity here.

"That was indeed quite naively thought of course. As if there are no Dutch people in the world outside those three countries. And moreover: the real fanatics from the Netherlands also know that via a VPN service, for example, that encrypts your internet traffic and your IP with your physical data. location, can really be bypassed, "said 30-year-old Doedens in conversation with

Nieuwe Revu


After his departure from

Goede Tijden, Bad Tijden

, the actor became afraid because all his certainties fell and when he heard what amounts others earned with OnlyFans, he decided to create an account there as well. The Dutch should not have seen it, but that happened anyway. "I got messages from people that they were going to leak my material and activities to the press. Of course that is never pleasant to read."

Doedens tried to change his account name, but the news had already leaked to various show sections.

The material was also copied and distributed.

"I have been worried about it. By continuing to exercise regularly, I found it easier to put the situation into perspective. But I am a very serious thinker, so as soon as I have more free time, I will ask myself questions. What do I have? I done, what's next, what do I do next?

On days when he feels less comfortable, he tries to exercise for distraction, but talking to friends helps the most.

"I always hang out on the phone, but when I call that I feel bad, I always have an extra concentrated listening ear. That feels nice, familiar and safe. It also depends on how the weather is that day."