The Japanese fishing village of Noto has spent 25 million yen (about $ 200,000) in corona support on a statue of a squid, hoping to rekindle declining tourism.

The city had received 800 million yen (6 million euros) emergency aid from the Japanese government to deal with the economic consequences of the corona virus.

So some of that money was spent on the 13-meter statue, which is now in the city's harbor.

In Noto, which is located on the Ishikawa peninsula on the west coast of Japan, squid is a local delicacy and the symbol of the village.

Many tourists stop by to taste the locally prepared squid.

According to Japanese media, the village administration sees the statue as a way to attract tourists again "in the long term".

Critics speak of a waste of money and argue that the board should focus more on the short term by investing in medical equipment.

Japan has had to contend with rising contamination figures again in recent weeks.

A state of emergency has been declared in the capital Tokyo for the third time since the COVID-19 outbreak.