In daily life Claudia de Breij has the feeling that she is acting more than when she is on stage.

In conversation with


, the cabaret artist tells that she can let go of everything there and feels more space to be herself.

"I think I am a better actor in daily life than in the audience," says De Breij.

"You don't have to play on stage at all. From research with autists, they know that a lot of brain power is used for pleasantries and doing what is expected of you."

She explains that that brain space is consumed by "acting normally".

"And you don't need all that on stage, so I have a lot more space there to be truly myself, not to be busy with saying something and wondering what this and that group thinks about it.

"Then you reach the essence of who you are much more. I also often only feel on stage what makes me really angry, or what makes me really sad."

The cabaret artist sometimes finds it difficult to realize what she does for a living. "I have never come to think that performing is normal. By playing you connect with people. It is in your brain in the same area as forming a friendship or finding love. Knowing that everyone in that room did not feel alone for a moment. , I've always loved that. And that's really what we're missing now. "