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Nicolette and Bas in the asparagus

Nicolette van Dam and her family have spent the past few days in Limburg.

They have enjoyed the local culinary delicacies and even cut their own asparagus.

"What a wonderful province Limburg is", writes the presenter living in Noord-Holland.

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Kim Kardashian congratulates Kourtney year-old sister

Kim Kardashian congratulates her older sister Kourtney on her 42nd birthday.

"The person on this planet I've known the longest," said the reality star of her sister and colleague.

"You always make your own plan and I admire that enormously."

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Dwayne 'The Rock' congratulates year-old daughter

Tia Giana Johnson celebrating her third birthday on Sunday and her father Dwayne Johnson pauses.

"My greatest joy is to be your daddy," the actor addresses his daughter.

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in 3 days

Sharon Stone receives second corona vaccination

Actress Sharon Stone has not felt her second corona prick in her own words.

The 63-year-old actress advises everyone to get vaccinated against the corona virus.

Sharon Stone gets second vaccination

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Bettina Holwerda refers admirers of 'sexy' Jim Bakkum to his socks

Actress Bettina Holwerda points out to the people who think her husband Jim Bakkum so sexy about the actor's choice of socks and slippers.

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Kim Feenstra has more respect for her own mother now that she has a child

of her own Now that Kim Feenstra is a mother herself, she has gained even more respect for her own mother.

The actress shares that on Instagram.

"I have more respect for my own mother because I now realize even more, what I actually already knew, that being a mother is not only a full-time job but also an emotional journey. From being pregnant to the day your child leaves home. Every day we experience together I learn to love even more and yet let go a little bit. "

Feenstra also did not know that "true love could be like this. So pure and honest."

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André Hazes congratulates father-in-law

André Hazes congratulates the father of his girlfriend Sarah van Soelen on Instagram on Saturday.

"Grateful for our friendship, your support and trust, but especially for who you are. Congratulations daddy in law", the singer writes with a photo together with Rudolf van Soelen.

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Nicolette Kluijver's new cat

Nicolette Kluijver and her daughters have had a new housemate for a few days: cat Cookie.

The kitten comes from the shelter, but is treated in the Kluijver home as a true luxury cat.

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Ten years ago

Richard Groenendijk is now happily married, but when he met his husband ten years ago, he was sure: he didn't want a relationship for now.

Fortunately, Marko had a lot of patience and they have been happily together for a long time now.

Today the couple celebrates ten years together.

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in 2 days

A private photo

The British Queen Elizabeth today buries her husband Philip and lets her employees share a never-before-published photo on Instagram.

This is a private image, made by daughter-in-law Sophie.

The photo was taken in 2003, during a family trip to Scotland.

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Patricia Paay wants to see Martien Meiland again

Patricia Paay wants to see Martien Meiland again.

She says on Instagram that she had known him for years before he became known with the

Chateau Meiland



Paay regularly bought things for her house in the shop that Meiland had.

“I am very proud of him for what he and his family have achieved,” she writes.

"Unfortunately due to corona we have not seen each other for a while, but as soon as the weather is allowed, I will quickly schedule a coffee date."

Meiland is interested in that.

"We will definitely do it, dear", he responds.

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Countess Eloise celebrates Instagram milestone

Eloise can't believe she already has 250,000 followers on Instagram.

"Thank you, this is really unbelievable."

The countess also announces that she is going to do "something special" because of the milestone.

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Amanda Gorman looks back

The poet looks back to the moments when she performed her first poems years ago despite her speech impediment, and puts them next to the present.

Gorman has topped

The New York Times

bestseller list for two weeks 


The Hill We Climb

, the poem she performed at Joe Biden's inauguration.

"I want to say to all young writers keep writing, keep going. Your day is coming."

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I love you

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are still seen as the couple who are together for publicity, but on social media they show a completely different picture.

The singer tells her followers that she loves the singer.

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Chantal Janzen and son are Spiderman

Chantal Janzen does a lot to make her son happy.

The presenter donned a Spiderman suit for a photo shoot in her magazine

& C


"Bob's wish has come true, his mother as Spiderman", she writes with the photo.

Janzen immediately renamed himself 'spidermam'.

Although she liked the suit, she didn't take it home anyway.

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Leco reminisces about Mies

Leco van Zadelhoff shares a photo of Mies Bouwman, who died in 2018, one of the women he was often allowed to make up.

"What do I often think of your wise and clear words about the crazy world we are in", writes the makeup artist on Instagram.

"About our conversations during make-up and the countless letters you wrote to me."

7 hours ago

Elvis Presley weather

André Hazes' Instagram Stories have been full of it in recent days: photos of Elvis Presley and his Priscilla.

Sarah van Soelen also shared some pictures of the couple and they both wrote "soulmates" underneath.

Tags stayed out then, but now Hazes has tagged his new girlfriend in a photo of the couple.

He does not say whether they compare themselves to the iconic couple.

yesterday at 8:31 PM

New teeth for Claudia

Claudia de Breij has given herself a new look.

The cabaret artist suddenly has a mouth full of gold teeth.

"No make-up, but a grill (a bit, ed.)", Says De Breij. 

yesterday at 5:24 PM

New photo of Philip and Elizabeth

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton showed previously unshared photos of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth on Wednesday.

One of the two pictures shows the royal couple with seven of their great-grandchildren: George, Charlotte, Louis (from William and Kate), Mia and Lena (from Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall) and Isla and Savannah (from Peter and Autumn Phillips).

The photo was taken in 2018 by Middleton.

yesterday at 3:20 PM

Ruud de Wild received good news on Tuesday: his inflammation levels have dropped and the cancer has left his body.

Upon returning home, he was surprised by an enormous amount of get well cards.

"And I just think that post was sóóóó 1990. What a surprise," said the radio DJ.

Radio DJ Ruud de Wild receives a mountain of get well cards

yesterday at 13:48


's Eugenie commemorates her grandfather Prince Philip

In a message on Instagram, British Princess

Eugenie commemorates

the death of Prince Philip.

"I still remember learning to cook, to paint and what to read," said the princess of her grandfather who died on Friday at the age of 99.

"I remember laughing at your jokes and asking about your special life and time in the Navy."

Eugenie remembers very well how she almost burned sausages and how Philip intervened quickly.

"I remember your hands and your smile and your favorite beer."

The princess says his memory will live on in Philip's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

"Thank you for your dedication to all of us and especially to Grandma, who we will all take care of on your behalf."

yesterday at 13:48

yesterday at 07:47

Birthday Jan Kooijman (40) refuses to laugh

At a joking Jan Kooijman, there is no

laughing matter

on his 40th birthday.

yesterday at 5:15 am

Halina has already been vaccinated

In the Netherlands it probably took a while, but now that Halina Reijn is in New York for work, she immediately got herself vaccinated against COVID-19.

On Instagram, the actress and director writes that daily life in the American city is as good as normal again.

Tuesday at 7:23 PM

Home studio Marieke is ready

After someone from the team of the Qmusic program

 Mattie & Marieke

tested positive for the corona virus

on the construction site

, all colleagues had to be quarantined.

Presenters Mattie Valk and Marieke Elsinga have now installed their home studio and will resume their radio program from Wednesday.

"We are ready," the duo writes on Instagram.

Tuesday at 2:37 PM

Party in the Rooijakkers house

A cheerful atmosphere in the house of Art Rooijakkers: his twins have their birthday.

Puk and Keesje turned four years old.

"Everything in the house is pink today," the presenter writes on Instagram.

Tuesday at 9:54 AM

Sylvie Meis will not let her 43rd birthday pass unnoticed.

She shares images of the big birthday cake she received on Instagram.

Sylvie Meis celebrates 43rd birthday with a big cake

Tuesday at 5:16 AM

Marieke Elsinga does not have to get up early

Due to a corona infection in the team of the Qmusic morning show

Mattie and Marieke

 , DJ Marieke Elsinga and her colleagues have to stay in home isolation for a few days.

The morning show will therefore be taken over by Kai Merckx on Tuesday.

Elsinga shows on Instagram that her cat does not yet understand very well why she does not go out to work today.

Tuesday at 5:16 AM

Monday at 6:34 PM

Nasrdin Dchar wishes people who are going to fast all the best with Ramadan

The Islamic month of fasting Ramadan starts on Tuesday, in which most of the 900,000 Muslims in the Netherlands participate.

Actor Nasrdin Dchar wishes the people who fast for a month during Ramadan strength.

"Lots of patience, contemplation, self-reflection, discipline, love, health, mercy and happiness to all those who fast," Dchar writes on Instagram.

"Make it a beautiful month!"

Monday at 4:06 PM

Heleen van Royen and Bart Meeldijk fell in love for eight years

Heleen van Royen and Bart Meeldijk today celebrate that their love is eight years old.

The drummer declares his love for the writer under a photo of the couple.

Monday at 2:40 PM

Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte looks at himself as a seventeen-year-old

Inspired by the song 


by Krezip, Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte shares a photo of himself as a seventeen-year-old.

"That polder child with the big dreams", the presenter and radio producer recalls.

"Very insecure, but determined. And really much more handsome than I thought myself at the time."

Monday at 11:07 AM

Turning 35 with snow

Samantha Steenwijk turned 35 today.

With her birthday in April, the singer probably did not expect that she would ever celebrate it with a layer of snow in the garden.

Monday at 7:15 am

Little contact and no visitors

Connie Witteman is at home with worries: her son Marvin was hospitalized this weekend after lying in bed with COVID-19 for a week.

Marvin has a lung condition and was very careful, but has contracted the virus anyway and is now constantly on a ventilator.

Witteman now has little contact with him.

Marvin is not allowed to receive visitors and is often too tired to text.

Fortunately, the doctors are very loving, Witteman writes.

Monday at 5:13 AM

Dave Roelvink takes a dip

Although the weather is not really good yet, Dave Roelvink decided to go for a swim in the sea.

The water now has a temperature of about 8 degrees and it was even colder outside on Sunday afternoon.

That is why Roelvink also provides his dive with the caption: "Man, man, man, what was this suffering."

Sunday at 5:55 PM

Pip Pellens like



Pip Pellens and her boyfriend Pim Wessels are fully enjoying their honeymoon, the actress shares on Instagram.

"Thank you very much for all your kind comments. We really like our honeymoon. Especially because I found out that we should not be disturbed by insurance companies during this period. Enjoy your Sunday!"

Sunday at 11:26 AM

Hugh Jackman celebrates silver marriage

Actor Hugh Jackman has been married for 25 years to his colleague Deborra-Lee Furness on Sunday and shows his love via Instagram.

"Being married to you is as natural as breathing," said the

Australian famous from

superhero films


, who met his wife on the set of the Australian show



"From the moment we met, I knew we were meant to be together."

The couple has two children.

Sunday at 10:33 AM

Duncan Laurence celebrates 27th birthday with youth photo

Duncan Laurence blows out 27 candles and shares a youth photo with his followers.

The winner on behalf of the Netherlands of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2019 does this on the day that the construction of the decor of the Eurovision organized by the Netherlands has started.

Sunday at 07:56

Samantha Steenwijk congratulates niece

Chelisiana, the niece of Samantha Steenwijk, celebrates her eighth birthday.

"Dear Ché, you do not know half how much I love you", said the singer and presenter.

"I'll always be there for you."

Sunday at 5:29 AM

Teasing 'The Rock' Gets Support for Possible Presidency

According to a survey by Piplsay - the reliability of which cannot be ascertained - 46 percent of American adults would support a bid for the presidency from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. The actor feels honored, he let his fellow countrymen know. “I don't think the founders of the United States would ever have imagined that a six-foot tall, bald, tattooed, half black, half Samoan, tequila drinking, pickup truck driving, fanny pack guy would join their club. But if it does, it would be an honor for me to serve you. "

'The Rock' has hinted at a bid for the presidency of the United States in 2024 for several years. According to the same research, actress Angelina Jolie (30 percent), presenter Oprah Winfrey (27 percent) and actor Tom Hanks (22 percent) the more than 30,000 interviewees are allowed to give it a try.

Saturday at 6:08 PM

Lena Dunham has been sober for three years 

Lena Dunham has been sober for three years, she shares on Instagram on Saturday.

"Those aren't words I thought I'd ever say."



actress shares a photo from Saturday and a selfie that she took in rehab. 

The American said he had become addicted to clonazepam, a drug against panic attacks, among other things.

Saturday at 13:14

Christina Curry plaatst foto uit oude doos met moeder Patricia Paay 
Christina Curry feliciteert haar moeder Patricia Paay op Instagram. "Een paar dagen te laat, maar gefeliciteerd mam. Kijk hoe mooi je was (en nog steeds bent) en hoe maf ik was (en nog steeds ben) in 2002", schrijft ze bij een oude foto van haar en Paay.

zaterdag om 09:30

Bettina wilde duidelijkheid
Jim Bakkum en Bettina Holwerda hebben zaterdag iets te vieren. De 33-jarige zanger en 42-jarige actrice zijn precies veertien jaar samen en vieren die mijlpaal op Instagram. 

Holwerda still remembers how it started fourteen years ago.

The two had "had something for a while" before, but the relationship was not yet official and the actress was not so good in that noncommittal nature.

"So I cut it off, just, clarity. I was crazy about him, so I thought it was really difficult, but clarity is better. That 'being apart' took a couple of hours and then Jim called. From then on it was On."

Saturday at 6:38 AM

Rico crafts with Photoshop

Rico Verhoeven shares his birthday with Princess Ariane and can blow out 32 candles on Saturday.

There is no big party in corona times, but the kickboxer has found a creative solution for that.

He shares a series of photos on Instagram in which several Verhoeven doubles have been 'shopped'.

Friday at 3:51 PM

Pregnant Halsey compares baby belly with basketball

The baby


of the 26-year-old singer Halsey has now assumed the size of a basketball.

"Those find-the-difference games get harder every day," Halsey jokes over an Instagram photo of herself.

Sitting in an armchair, the American is holding a basketball in her right hand to show how big her baby belly is in the meantime.

Friday at 6:04 AM

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari have had their corona pepper.

In a video, the singer says that she has not felt it, despite the fact that others warned her about this.

Britney happy with vaccination

Thursday at 7:04 PM

Ex-wife Armie Hammer needs time to recover

Elizabeth Chambers has been quiet on social media lately as she needs time to recover, she writes in her Instagram Stories.

Her ex-husband Armie Hammer has been accused of sexual abuse by several women and is said to have violent sexual preferences.

"There is a lot I want to share, but the time is not right yet," said Chambers.

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