A Spanish auction house has canceled the auction of a painting that may have been made by the world-famous artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

The work is therefore currently under investigation, writes

BBC News



the crowning with thorns,

is to see Jesus Christ, just before he was crucified.

Initially, a value of 1,500 euros was associated with the oil painting.

However, according to Italian art connoisseur Vittorio Sgarbi, the work was created by Renaissance artist Caravaggio.

He therefore wants to bring it back to Italy.

In 2019, a work by Caravaggio was auctioned for 170 million dollars (more than 150 million euros).

A spokesman for Ansorena auction house says the painting is currently being studied by experts.

Caravaggio (1571-1610) is known for the use of bright colors and light effects (seen in


, photo), but also for his eventful life.

The painter was constantly involved in fights.

In 1606 he killed a love rival in a sword fight.

He fled Rome and died four years later, completely destitute, of malaria or the flu.

After his death, Caravaggio fell into obscurity.

It was not rediscovered until the twentieth century.

His works hang in the Uffizi in Florence, the National Gallery in London, the Louvre in Paris and the Prado in Madrid, among others.

Cultura declara “inexportable” un cuadro que iba a subastarse en Madrid al sospechar que puede ser de Caravaggio via @el_pais https://t.co/gTmux5n7nw


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