Just like last year, thousands of


viewers have joined a virtual procession.

At the end of the broadcast, more than 21,000 people 'walked' on Thursday.

Due to the corona crisis, no people were welcome in Roermond, where the Easter story was staged this year.

Online people were able to share their hopes, worries and fears again by sending messages and videos.

Many messages were also about corona this year.

At the start of

The Passion

in the center of Roermond, few people were on their feet trying to get a glimpse of the TV spectacle.

The Markt and Munsterplein, where the performance takes place, are fenced off with tarpaulins to keep out the public.

Some people try

to see

something of

The Passion

from walls


Furthermore, there are mainly police officers and enforcers on the street.

Shortly after the start of

The Passion,

a drone

also flew

over Munsterplein.

Trijntje Oosterhuis as Maria.

Trijntje Oosterhuis as Maria.

Photo: BrunoPress

Famke Louise as Barabbas

Freek Bartels and Trijntje Oosterhuis play the roles of Jesus and Mary this year.

The narrator is Humberto Tan.

Actors Leo Alkemade and Tygo Gernandt play the roles of Peter and Pilate.

Artist Rob Dekay takes on the role of Judas and KRO-NCRV presenter Anita Witzier as a reporter collects stories from all over the country and reports on the virtual procession.

There is a set with a live orchestra.

Famke Louise played the role of Barabbas.

The singer's participation was kept secret until the end, as always happens with the role of the criminal from the Bible story.

Traditionally, Barabbas is someone who was discredited the previous year.

Dutch adaptations of songs

The cast and orchestra will also perform adaptations of English-language songs this year, including a Dutch version of

I'll Be There For You

by The Rembrandts, better known as


theme song




of Marco Borsato and

Blue Day

Suzan & Freek sung.

Roermond would also be the setting for

The Passion

in 2020

, but that was canceled due to the corona crisis.

Last year, due to the corona measures, the Easter story was broadcast from the Mediapark in Hilversum with Johnny de Mol as the narrator.

That version then attracted 2.9 million viewers on NPO1.

Previously, Gouda, Rotterdam, Groningen, Enschede and Amersfoort were host cities.

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