RTL has only


two episodes of

De Verraders

, but has now ordered a second season of the game program.

The media company is very satisfied with the viewing figures and therefore decided to order a new series.

The program in which eighteen well-known Dutch people (including three saboteurs) have to earn a treasure, started on March 13 with 1.6 million viewers.

The Traitors

attracted 1.46 million viewers in the second week.

Together with delayed viewing, both episodes exceed two million viewers.

"These are of course dream figures for a new program and that is why we are already ordering a new season of this blood-curdling psychological adventure," said Peter van der Vorst, content director of RTL.

Van der Vorst says that there is also interest in the concept of

De Verraders

from abroad


The first season has eight episodes.

In each episode, the candidates get the chance to vote out a suspect and the saboteurs are allowed to 'kill' someone.

The first season stars Loiza Lamers, Samantha Steenwijk, Holly Mae Brood and Jörgen Raymann.